Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For my sister: A post full of parentheses

Jillian (my newly married (to Jonathan Crockett) sister who now lives in Hawaii) spoke to our mother last night on the phone.

Becky (my mom) was instructed to let me know how disappointed she (Jill) was that my post hasn't been updated for a while.

I feel bad, I do. I want people (Jill and Jonathan) to be able to come to my blog in times of need. Whether it be for a needed laugh or just to feel connected to those of us here at home. I have not done my job well recently (since I started). And for that I appologize.

We opened escrow on our house (see below).

Closing should go pretty fast (they say we'll be done by Feb. 13th). HOWEVER... move-in date is a lot further than that. The owners are trying to adopt some kids from Russia? Ukraine? and have asked for the option of renting from us for 4 months AFTER closing.!! If they (the owners) get the adoptees soon, move-out date (for them) will be sooner.

What does this mean??
Possibly 4.5 more months of sleeping in the RV.

Assuming my family will still claim us at the end of this waiting period, things will work out fairly well. Saving money on rent will enable us to pay back borrowed money (debts) along with pruchasing furniture (living room set) and appliances (fridge, washer and dryer). What a blessing!!

My mom's goal right now is to ride her bike everyday. Her course is currently 3 miles, but she is coming home WAY too soon so I mapped out a longer course for her to take next time. Although her leg muscles might be sore today from luggin these shoes (my dad's) around for 20 minutes yesterday:

Allan needed a haircut before school and, not wanting to get little hairs stuck in the bottom of her slipper socks (SCRUNCHED slipper socks, no less (already attractive when worn solely)) she quickly strapped on my dad's Nike velcro sandals.

Allan's haircut was complete before this picture was taken, but the stylist made him sit back down, "So they know what I was doing.", Becky said.
Mom, sorry to tell you this, but NO ONE is going to notice anyone else in that picture.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Homeless and out of Pull-ups

At the beginning of December we were told, that come January, the house we were renting would no longer be available. The owners had sold their bigger home and needed to move back into "ours". They wanted us out in two weeks (by December 15th). Is that even legal??!!! There was no way we'd be able to be out that soon.

Long story short, we're waiting for our house to close and have moved in with my parents. I LOVE IT. Truly. My mom, sisters, and I all share clothes, so my wardrobe has tripled. But the biggest plus by far is having 6 additional family members to entertain my kids!! Can't beat that!

The price we pay for this sweet amenity:
Night accommodations in the RV parked in the carport.

My kids actually LOVE it.

Griffin and Kai sleep on the overhead bed above the driver/passenger seats and Treyson takes the cozy dining area that turns into a bed. Two out of the three have done really well with this transition. Kai is having some struggles. He's never been able to keep his blanket on him throughout the night it gets cold on the upper bunk. The RV has heat, but it doesn't reach that high with full force. Jeff thinks this is the reason Kai is having problems with wetting the bed. He'd done it at least 3 times in the first week.

So I dug into our diaper stash and found one last pull-up from potty training. (FYI -- Kai will be 4 in March.) Dressing the boys in jammies one night, Jeff was holding open the pull-up for Kai to step into. Because we had not yet instructed him to make his last toilet stop before bed.... his bladder was fairly full. Well, instead of stepping into the pull-up, Kai proceeds to stand there, as if at a urinal, peeing. Jeff yelped and started laughing all at the same time..... "Kai! What are you doing?!" ....... not really knowing what to do...... stuck with a front row view of Kai relieving himself.

I had to throw in my comment of: "Kai! You werent' supposed to go potty in there!"

Kai replied with, "MOM! I wasn't going to go potty on the floor!"