Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pat's Run 2010

I signed up with my Lightning Bolt team to run the 4.2 mile race to benifit the Pat Tillman Foundation.

Our coach had SOMEHOW kept track of all the races he's run and Pat's ended up being his 1000th.
Chrissie and I went down REALLY early to decorate the tent.
We had brought cream puffs for everyone on our team and all the friends of Coach Chris.
Teams weren't supposed to be set up where we were so random people kept coming up to our tent asking what we were about and taking our treats!!
One guy was a total mooch and thought all the sharpies we had sitting out were freebies. He took one!! All of us were just so stunned and didn't know what to say. The guy (who wasn't all there in the head) ended up walking away with one of those really cool clicky sharpies.

Because I hadn't really kept up with my distance training after Ragnar, I wasn't sure how I'd do.
It was a fun race. I'd never run that distance timed before, so I didn't really know what goal to go for.
Here were my results:

Carolyn Gardner #4225
Mesa, AZAge: 29 Gender: F
Clock Time
Chip Time
Overall Place
200 / 20640
Gender Place
8 / 10344
Division Place
3 / 3098

Surprised? So was I.
The rest of our team did really well also. The Lightning Bolts took 6th place out of 303 teams.
(We've never acually yell that, just to be clear.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter morning. Buckets filled with Ironman characters and bubble guns.
On Saturday before Easter, Michaels had a free craft activity. Kids could go decorate their own Easter bucket. Griffin and Kai loved it. I didn't take Treyson because...... that would just be crazy.
Here's Griff's (with an Ironman bunny, of course):
Our egg hunt was the next night for Family Hour.
Also the DeWitt Egg Bash has yet to happen this year so there will be more Easter pictures to come. We like to spread out holidays as long as possible.

Krafty Kai

Kai was given a Play-Doh kit for his birthday.

It seemed to entertain him for hours.

I was happy he enjoyed playing with it so much.

I was NOT so happy when I found out the only piece he was playing with was the Play-Doh press that "made poop".


Cute Trey

Treyson has been such a fun addition to our family. I just wanted to document some recent pictures of him and brag a little bit.

A few nights ago, we were saying prayers before bed. Both Griffin and Kai had said theirs already. Jeff and I sat by Treyson and told him it was his turn.

As he got in ready position, Jeff and I both closed our eyes (each assuming the other would help Trey say his prayer).

All of a sudden we hear, "Heh Fah. Day. Men!" Jeff and I couldn't believe it! We were so proud of him!! Treyson's first prayer said all by himself at 23 months old.

The cutest little Chocolate Hitler I'VE ever seen.