Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dictionary entry:



The word used by certain Gardner sons (named Griffin) to describe the timing of tasks or events that have taken place any time prior to the present day.
"Do you have a problem with that?"

Friday, June 6, 2008

Livin' Large

Baby Treyson is 4 weeks old today. It doesn't seem like it's been that long. He is such a good baby. Fussy at times, yes. But, now having gone through two other babies, I can usually figure out what's wrong with him pretty quick. And apart from a few times the first week he was born, he has gone right back to sleep after his feedings at night. In other words, no day/night confusion. I couldn't ask for more. Except for maybe a lighter baby. He was weighed yesterday and is already at 10 lbs. 6 oz. Good eater.

We blessed him this past Sunday and I wanted to thank all the family that was able to come up. It meant a lot. I'll have to dress him in the blessing outfit again to get a picture of it. We have used the same blessing outfit for all three boys now. It's the same outfit that Jeff and all his brothers wore too. Not complaining, but it was polyester and it was fairly warm that day. So as soon as we got home from church, I changed him without taking any pictures. What a horrible mom I am. Now we'll never have a picture of Treyson with all the family that came up that day. ARRRGGGG !!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bosom Buddies

Today a pistachio fell down my shirt, and I smiled. I've never been known for my "bustiness", and as most girls would tell you, it doesn't feel womanly to be small. But when I nurse, they do tend to fill out....... a little. ~~ (Shouldn't we be PERMANENTLY "blessed" for giving our children the best?)~~ And it's not like I was wearing this super low-cut shirt either. I was dressed in this cute little number Jeff's dad bought for me at the Basement Marketplace here in Flagstaff. LOVE IT !! Love the shirt, love the store, love it !!

And speaking of "cute little numbers" -- check out the makeover I gave my "digits" last time we went down to the valley:

No, I didn't necessarily want a picture of my long toes on the Internet, but the argyle was too cute not to share. My sisters and I went to a salon called "Quality Nails" in Chandler. They have HUNDREDS of design choices. So go about 15 minutes early if you want time to decide.