Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mama C and Daddy-o

The title of this post lets you know what Jeff and I were called by our "family" on our Stake's Pioneer Trek this year.
We were surprised to be invited into that position because it would be a bit of work to find places for our boys to go while we were gone, but all of that planning and work was totally worth it!
We had an amazing time with such strong youth that our faith in the rising generation was encouraged.

This was our awesome family:

The second day, we had stick pull competitions, and ax throwing contests, etc.
It was the youths' favorite day for sure.

 The ladies in our group were so tough.  By the end of day one almost all of them had blisters on their feet.
This next picture was pretty much just a joke because in reality, there was no way any size of moleskin or corn pads were going to help their feet.
We're talking silver dollar sized blisters on the bottom of their feet.
So sad.

But they kept walking.  We figured out by the second day that if they weren't holding on to the end of the cart, they would fall behind.  When the need came to push, they were ready and willing but for much of the time they just held on for dear life.

 Our guys were so strong.  They never, EVER complained and were always so willing to jump in and take over for someone looking tired and worn out.  Even if it wasn't our cart.

 I wish I could remember the exact mileage -- 20 miles in 3 days maybe?
(I'll edit that once I find out for sure)
This was at the very end.  We had unloaded and disassembled our cart and were heading home.

It was a priceless experience that we, along with the youth, will never regret nor forget.