Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I know it's not until tomorrow, but seeing how we'll be in Snowflake.... I might not be able to post. We made these shirts for FHE on Monday and thought they turned out super cute. (They're handprint turkeys.)

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Okay, so last night we went out to dinner. Griffin and Kai ........ did pretty well. The restaurant of choice was called "Casa Bonita". Their portions were HUGE, so with all the chips and salsa, we took tons of food home. However, we still figured there was room for a little ice cream. I suggested that we stop by Bookman's first to let our stomachs settle a bit and allow the boys to pick out a new book each. Along with the two kids books, we selected some puzzles for ourselves. When Jeff got up to the cash register, the worker rang up all our purchases and hit enter. The Bookman's computer randomly picks two customers each day to receive their items for FREE. AND IT WAS US !!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? -- I never win anything! Well, technically it was Jeff who won....... but it was MY idea to go there, shouldn't I get some credit? We were the second pick that day and didn't pay a penny. We could have bought a hundred dollars worth of stuff, but Jeff asked the cashier and they told us we weren't able to go back and get more stuff. Oh well, we'll take what we can get.
Any other big/lucky winners out there? What did you win?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I love memories....

So, I had one of those days yesterday and just the smallest thing made me pretty mad. Griffin, Kai, William (Griffin's friend), and I, were all standing outside Jeff's NAU building where all of his classes are held. We were waiting for Jeff's class to be over so we could go home. There was some "Rock Band" canopy-set-up thing outside playing music and Griffin was having a ball dancing on some... metal, water access cover...thing. Oh man -- if only you could see his dancing. It was to the point where I was half laughing, half proud of such an outgoing child. Yet embarrassed.
ANYWAY -- Jeff came out and I was trying to round up the kids and corral them to the car. Well, Rock Star Griffin did not want to leave his stage, so I grabbed his arm and guided him that way. The next thing I know he's BITING MY HAND!!!! What the heck? I thought we had gotten over the biting stage a year ago. So yes, I got mad (because it freakin' hurt) and handed him over to Jeff, who usually can handle him.
Well, later that night I was thinking about how lucky I am because he really is a good kid. A couple months ago, I got SUPER sick. Stomach flu kind of thing. It, of course, came upon me while Jeff was gone so I was struggling. A friend in the ward heard I was sick and had some brethren come over and give me a blessing. After they left, I turned yet another show on for the boys and went to lay down. Five minutes later, they were both sitting next to me. Griffin said, "Do you have owies Mommy? I'll help you." He then placed his hands on my head, like he had seen, and proceeded to give me his version of a blessing. He's the best.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's not Christmas yet, stupid stores!!!!


Only 14 days until Thanksgiving!!! I am SUPER excited! This is MY family's big holiday. Each year, except one, ever since I can remember....... we've been going to Snowflake, AZ to meet up with all the family that can. We enjoy an AMAZING weekend/reunion with neverending food and laughs. The one year we celebrated Thanksgiving in Mesa, AZ was because I got married the day before and since family was already in town for the wedding/reception..... it just made sense. However, I think there are a few who resent me because of that particular year. No, just kidding. My family LOVES me.

This year, Jeff is trying to find a ticket (for little or no cost) to go to the Thanksgiving game at ASU. Which means he'll have to find a ride down to the valley and then possibly borrow a car from my family to take back up to Snowflake the day after. We'll see how it works out, but it's not looking good.

Sometimes I feel bad because we never spend Thanksgiving with Jeff's family, but I told him from the very beginning....... this is how it is. We can do Christmas Eve and Christmas morning every year with his family, as long as I get Snowflake. Selfish? Nah. Tradition takes all. I can't wait!!!

This is about how many pies my aunt makes each year -- Okay maybe only half this many, but it still seems like a lot. She makes the BEST pies! I don't know how she has time to do all she does, but they're always made with love, and taste spectacular!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Day After Halloween !!!

Okay, so I promised pictures. I have quite a few. Now, for those of you that aren't family, you might get bored after the first few. But remember, this is a link between mine and Jeff's family whom we couldn't be with for this holiday. So, here we go:

We have a friend who's a limo driver and took us all in a ride before he turned the car back in. Griffin looks ECSTATIC......doesn't he?

(Griffin -- Buzz) (Kai -- Woody) (Carolyn -- Jessie) (Jeff -- Emporer Zurg)

Griffin's costume was perfect for a Halloween outside in Flagstaff. However most of the parties we went to were INSIDE. So this is how Griffin ended up after 10 minutes of running around at our first party:
Yep.....instead of Buzz Lightyear, for most of that night he turned out to be dressed as: Super Skimpy Now isn't that WAY more scary?

This is Steve and Jenny Kempton and Ben, Emily, and Charlie Cox (some friends from school)

Tonight was our last party and I got some cool pictures of Griffin and Kai dancing in the disco light. They definitely stole the show!

Oh yes -- and I have to show you the pictures of my boys showing their candy. Kai posed for us very well standing like a true cowboy with his pumpkin bucket.
Griffin, on the other hand............ He had, of course taken off his costume the second we stepped in the door and this is how he wanted to pose with his........... Disney Princesses candy bag. I know, I know -- I'll get a lot of crap for that one from my brother Brian, but THAT'S THE BAG GRIFFIN WANTED, OKAY?!

Alright, just a few more. This is one of my favorites because Kai, first of all looks like he's cross eyed. Second, it brings back the picture in my head of him walking all the way from the car to the house, very slowly, with the bucket between his legs like this. Looking down every now and then to make sure his overflowing bucket was safe. He acted like it was soooo heavy and delicate. It was hillarious!!!

Okay, I'm done......almost. Just one more of Griffin, so tired without a nap today and probably a little sick of dressing up 4 nights in a row. And then one more of my amazing costume, a pretty good "Jessie" if I may say so myself.

To finally end this ridiculously long post, I will give a shout out to Jeff........."Thanks for dressing up with us.....even though you don't enjoy it as much as I do. Love ya!"