Monday, March 30, 2009

Swimsuit giveaway

is having a swimsuit giveaway!!!!!

I am a big fan of Modbe Clothing and wouldn't miss this chance at owning one of their super cute tankinis!!! These are just a few:

P.S. Don't enter the giveaway -- that way, I have a better chance at winning!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's a never ending task for all of us. But I've heard rumors of creatures who actually enjoy the laundry chore. To them, I ask for help.

Naming you "creatures"...... probably not the best way to start off. Sorry. I just need assistance in finding a system that works. I'll try anything at this point.

As of right now, my laundry gets done but it takes a few days. The folded laundry piles sometimes sit in the bedrooms just waiting for me to put them away. I think that's my least favorite part -- the putting away/recycling. Clothes that fit each child, at the present, are just piled on top of older, smaller clothes not fitting anymore.

I cringe at the thought of taking out all Griffin's "too small" clothes, packing them away in a box, just to dig them up again for Kai. I would much rather just give the clothes away and buy new ones each time. Sigh.

Like the other day, I finished PACKING all the kids clothes into their drawers (granted this was a few days after the piles were folded and made), I was relieved to have the floor visible again, and then I looked over and saw this:

"WHAT THE !?!!??.......Arrrggg"

Now.... a third of that pile might have been clean. (When Griffin dresses himself, clothes are pulled out of drawers and left on the ground. When it's time for him to clean up his room, any article of clothing found on the ground is put in the basket.) But still!!!

Please help.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Laugh for the day:

I haven't figured out how to download Youtube video's yet, so here's the link:


Friday, March 20, 2009

100 !!!!!

I logged on tonight to post about something that's annoying and frustrating to me, not remembering that this would be my #100.

However, in honor of Blogger I will list a few thoughts on why I do this.
  • Journaling of my family
  • Capturing and cherishing small moments
  • Connecting with old friends and new friends
  • Getting my voice heard out there, just a little
  • Knowing there are others like me
  • Gaining inspiration from some fabulous people

To those who read this simple thing -- thank you. And thank you blogger.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Kai

Even though he's only 3 today, it's been a long road for Kai.
His life started out tough for both of us. His first week of life was spent in the NICU. They took Kai from the nursery at my delivery hospital and transferred him via helicopter to Banner Desert. The doctors and nurses kept reassuring me that everything would be okay but it still looked scary.

I love looking back at pictures because they are always the happy days. Rarely did I pull out the camera on days I wanted to rip my hair out. Kai was a happy baby though, despite his numerous ear infections and bouts with bronchiolitis.

Kai LOVED his baby chair. I couldn't find the right cord, so you are going to get a video of a video..... I hope it works. This was Kai dancing in his chair. He did this little jig all. the. time. It was sooo funny!!!

We love Kai and his sense of humor and look forward to some more fun years.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Griffin drew this picture yesterday -- I didn't even know he knew what a leprechaun was.

He also drew this picture a while back. I was nervous and scared to ask him what it was. At first I was thinking a naked cheerleader, but I should have known better. He loves KONG and the gorilla's pecks always seem to be emphasized.

Jeff went to pick a lemon from our tree in the back yard and came really close to the mama bird perched in her nest. We all went out to say hello and she was being so brave. We got within one foot of her and she sat firm. I wondered if she'd let me give her some bread -- nope. When she flew away, I thought I'd see some eggs left behind, but two tiny birds lay sleeping instead.

The proud parents were not far.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Griffin's Special Day

Griffin's Pre-K class celebrates each child's birthday. If a student is NOT going to have a birthday during the school year, Mrs. Axtell still assigns a "special day" to honor them. Here is Griffin's story of his designated day yesterday.

(narrated by himself)
"When I got to school, I forgot my backpack, we better hurry [we were a little late]. Mrs. Axtell gave me a birthday crown.

They let me do hand-gel, let me do calendar, money counting,

I showed my baby pictures to my friends.

Everybody raises their hand to ask me a question.

They sang me "Happy Birthday" cowgirl style.

Mrs. Axtell wiggled my ears 5 times 'cuz I'm gonna turn 5. The end."

Spring Pictures were yesterday as well. I don't remember doing fall pictures AND spring pictures -- but I guess it's common now. I wish I would have waited on my picture purchase because the spring setup was WAY CUTE!!! But since I had my camera -- I stole a couple shots.

Check out this handsome kid!

Friday, March 6, 2009

"What's for dinner?"

I have never claimed to be a great food maker of any kind. I have been successful with dishes here and there, but it usually takes a few tries.

The other night, I went grocer-ing for the ingredients of a dish that sounded scrumptious to have for dinner. I was confident, having two recipes to guide me along the way. Well, it was bad. I wouldn't call it a disaster because the dish was still edible, but ..... it looked and tasted different in my mind's picture.

Let's just put it this way:
If I were a snotty little tween who had an attitude, a conversation would play out like this:
Tween's friend: "What did you have for dinner last night?"
Snotty little tween: "Well, my mom said she made 'Chicken Piccata', but I would call it "Chicken Pi-ca-ca!! giggle, giggle"

As I thought of that senerio, it reminded me of when my sister was upset with my mom for what was being made for dinner. My brother, Brian, walked into the kitchen and asked (as Jill had), "What's for dinner?"
Jill replied quickly, before my mom could answer, saying, "POOP."

Jill's punishment: Her dinner that night was poop.
(Or maybe it was a really blackened hot dog that looked like poop -- I don't remember.)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where will we be?

Jeff graduates May 9th from NAU!!!
I'm so proud of him.
For the actual ceremony we will be spending the weekend up in Flagstaff and I. CAN'T. WAIT.

I miss days of staring out the window, watching the snow fall.
I miss opening the back door and having a fantastic breeze fill the house.
I miss letting the boys go outside to play without sweating.
I miss the air.... the beautiful clean, crisp air.
I miss the mountains.
I miss "The Basement Store" in downtown Flag. (amazing deals!)
I miss woodchip parks.
I miss the lack of traffic.
And sometimes.... I miss the trains.

I don't think we'll ever live there again, but somewhere similar would be nice.

I just keep wondering where "home" for us will be.