Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just because....

This morning I made scrambled eggs.

I used my brand new KitchenAid I got for Christmas.... whip up 5 eggs.

Just because I could.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas!

Click on the image below to enlarge and enhance the delightable
Irish jig dance form Griffin is displaying.

A big thank you to Catherine for the photos and all the jumping around you did behind the camera to get my kids smiling. You were great!
Catherine got some really cute solo shots of the boys. You can see some on my sidebar, but the rest can be viewed HERE.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Usual stuff:

Thanksgiving was awesome, as usual.
We were with my family up in Snowflake, as usual.
At one point, there were almost 80 relatives, not usual.

This year there were a few more DeWitt family members around because of my cousin, John, getting married a few days before Thanksgiving.

The food was great, as usual.
My Aunt Linda made many delicious pies, as usual.
One of them being an Almond Chocolate Cream Pie, which I hope will become one of her usual.

Friday night, while a volleyball game was going on, Kai played on the swing set with Griffin and cousin Lukas. I didn't hear what had happened but he ended up sitting on the stairs inside just crying/whimpering. After ten minutes I told him to stop crying or go finish in the bedroom. No change. So I helped him up to the bedroom where he continued to cry. I figured he was just really tired, but when he just wouldn't stop crying, I had my uncle (the Doc) check him out.

Kai kept complaining about his left shoulder area. We could see that it was red and Kai didn't like moving it AT ALL. My uncle said he couldn't feel a break, but that didn't mean there wasn't one. The next day, his pain was worse and there was some swelling. But since he could move his arm just fine, we figured the shoulder must have gotten jammed pretty hard.

From what I've heard, Kai fell off one of the swings and Lukas fell on top of him. Everyone around them when it happened, just told Kai to get up and "brush off". It would be a lot easier to know if something was definitely wrong with him if he wasn't whining ALL THE TIME and crying so easily about EVERYTHING.

Anywho. Sunday, he was still sore, but I had gotten really sick and didn't even think about it that day, sadly. Monday I felt a little better and Kai was getting some excellent mobility out of his left arm, so we debated again to take him in to the doctors or not. Rather than take him to our primary care, THEN to an x-ray facility, I just went straight to Urgent Care where they could do everything on the spot.

Diagnosis: Fractured collarbone.
Treatment: Arm in sling to help with pain.

Kai had already been keeping his left arm in "sling position" on his own. So I was happy when the doctors said, "It's probably not going to be easy getting a three year old to wear a sling. If he wants to, let him. If not, don't fight him on it. Basically if the broken collarbones are in the same room...... they'll heal together."

That left me, feeling like an awful mom, AS USUAL, finding out my kid really IS hurt, after telling him to just brush it off and stop crying!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

I'm usually pretty pumped up for Halloween and dressing up.
This year, for some reason, my attitude was: "EH."

The boys kept changing their minds about what they wanted to be so I knew I wasn't going to get a family theme like we've done in previous years.

The Sunday before, we had the Gardner Halloween Dinner:
Tom and Hope decorated the carport really well this year!
After dinner we had a cake walk along with a rockin' Monster Mash Dance.
It's always a good time!

Brimhall Ward Trunk-or-Treat.
I have grown quite fond of these.

Our friends Jennifer and Sterling Kellis threw a halloween/birthday party.
It was a bring-the-kids-deal wth a bounce house and all.

All week long I had been reading blogs about cute, spooky, festive food to make.
To make myself feel better for not full-out decorating for the holiday this year, I made these pancakes. Recipe found here.
I cheated and used just regular pancake mix with orange food coloring because the boys were "so hungry Mom!".
They enjoyed the spooky theme, but since they were both obsessed with lions at the time, a graphic-specific pancake was requested for each:
Not my best work, I admit, but what the heck!! It's not Safari Day, for cryin' out loud!

Here's our pumpkins -- lions again.

By Saturday night the boys were pretty much done. What am I saying..... we were ALL ready for the week to end.
Notice their faces....... classic.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Cross-Dressing Grape

When does a grape have it's day?

Every other fruit seems to be given a time to shine.

Peach season means peach pies, jam, peaches in jars for later.
Same with strawberries.

Bananas are made into bread and muffins.

Pumpkins bring Jack-0-lanters first, then for the rest of the year, people are making pumpkin bread, pie, cupcakes, cookies and even pancakes.

I love grapes. My kids do too. They stuff one in each cheek, smile and become the funniest looking chipmunks you've ever seen. A good grape will be just crisp enough to pop in your mouth, not mush, and have the perfect level of sweetness that wears off towards the end, making you want more.

However, unless you drink wine, buy grape jelly a lot, or include raisins on the list of a grape's talent ..... that's about it. No pies. No bread. No cookies.

This year I met a red-seedless who'd HAD IT with being a grape......

......and decided to be a pumpkin.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bribery works.

Strange days.

I wake Griffin up for school, he's fine.
Make him some breakfast, he's fine.
Tell him to get dressed for school, fine, finer-ie!
I comb his hair, teeth get brushed, water bottle ready, backpack packed.
No complaints.

But when we get to the door of his classroom, meltdowns occur, tears are shed.
"I don't want to go! I want to stay home with you and clean the house!"

Really Griffin? Really?!

In steps bribery. I picked up some pencil top stampers from the dollar section at Target and each day he calmly goes into class without crying, he gets a new set to open after school.
Griffin is all for it!
He'd do anything for new art instruments.

The stamps are Halloween themed, similar to these:
Please notice the "RIP" graveyard tombstone.

While studying his new set of stamps today, Griff was planning out his masterpiece and I overheard him say, "Okay, so..... the bats will go first and then the cats under them. After that, the pumpkins will go next to the Ten Commandments.........with spiders everywhere."

I was too proud to correct him.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Trying not to laugh

Tonight as I sang songs to the boys, trying to be soft and reverent, I busted out with laughter in the middle of "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam". I had to sing the rest of the song with my eyes closed.

Kai, knowing that he'd be told to lay down, did not get up and jump when "sunbeam" was said (which is the usual action, for those who don't know the song).

Instead, laying on his side, a single arm with pointer finger extended, SHOT UP to the sky each time, right on beat. As if getting rid of all his extra energy through a beam coming out of his finger. (You know, like at the end of Beauty and the Beast. ?? Anyone?... )

Well, I'm assuming Kai did it each time. Like I said it was so funny I had to close my eyes.

Maybe you had to be there.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Making the most of what I've got!

This past Saturday evening was our ward's Ice Cream Social.

I LOVE ME SOME ICE CREAM, especially homemade.

One of the directors called to see if I could bring some. She said "homemade is preferrable, but whatever". Since I don't have an ice cream maker, and forgot to borrow one from my parents, I did the next best thing.

YUM !!


--Buy the best vanilla ice cream out there
--Add some milk for Dairy Queen Blizzard-like texture
-- Dice strawberries, add to mixture
-- Finish off with crushed Oreos
-- Mix well

This, now favorite, combination was introduced to me by the lovely Jillian, my sis.
Thanks Jill -- not only for the PARTY IN MY MOUTH!!........ but also for this:

That's right!!! The ice cream social wasn't just a social, it was a contest -- which I was not told about. I didn't say anything when we showed up because I thought, "There's NO WAY, with eleven other homemade ice creams on the table, that I will win something."

Turns out I was wrong. Strawberries and Oreos is a beloved combo for many (including the Stake President) who would have been too nervous to try it on their own.

P.S. -- I tried to give back the prize (Baskin Robbins certificates) but it was a four-way tie for third place, so I was told to go ahead and keep it. Some were impressed that I even concocted an offering semi-homemade without an ice cream maker.

Others just whispered "cheater" when I walked by.... for the rest of the night.

"Now we know how to win next year!", one voice said.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jungle Eatery

I'm sure most of you have heard of the Rainforest Cafe.

I didn't know Wednesday night was kids eat for $1.99 until we got there MONDAY night. Oh well.

Jeff and I had told the boys we'd eat there someday and they were super excited. I asked for a table right by the gorillas, which scared Treyson a bit, but Griffin and Kai absolutely loved. The atmosphere was loud and seemed to welcome Griffin's constant gorilla calls and actions.

Does anyone know if their french fries are supposed to be potato chip crunchy? My food tasted okay ( I've made better), which proved that most of the mula goes to the entertaining interior. However, this is the first time in the history of eating out with kids that, -not once!-, did I have to say, "Sit down and eat your food, please."

Both were so intrigued by all the movement, sounds, and thunderstorms going on around them, the food just kept going in.

It was great.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Speed it up!

In my last post, I described Treyson's run to look like a speed walker.

I've been a Pampers fan, but you can bet I'd try Huggies Little Movers if they were free.

Much less a 3 MONTH SUPPLY FOR FREE!!! Yes please.

If I win, maybe Trey will go from a speed walking to........ actually running. ??

Silly Trey

So, I figured Treyson should make it into a post or two. It seems Griffin has been hogging the last few.

Today, Treyson did something that made me laugh out loud and I realized how much he makes me giggle, but I never write about it. Just the little things, ya know?

Earlier Kai had gotten the fly swatter out to kill a bug.

Although the boys have been told many-a-times that this is "yucky" and "gross", it is still one of their favorite toys. After Kai put had put it away, Trey snuck in the cupboard to have his turn with the disgusting bug germs. He knows I will imediately make him put the swatter away, but I think he finds joy in making me squirm. Which is why, instead of playing with it where I can't see him, Treyson sneaks up and peeks around the office doorway, hiding it from me.
(Kai is demonstrating because I couldn't get Trey to do it again.)
Treyson did the "peek" a little better, only showing his head with both arms behind him.
I know exactly what he's doing and I jump out of my chair. This startles him and he runs like the dickens to put the coveted trophy back in it's place. It was super funny!

When Griffin was little, we could get him to wear hats once in a while. Kai, not so much, so I kinda gave up. But Treyson seems to enjoy it. He won't leave them on all day, but long enough.

Not too long ago,Treyson and I got home from running an errand and found the other boys watching a show. I put Trey down on the couch and he fell into a sitting position between two back cusions. He stayed there for 10 or 15 minutes. Either he was really comfortable, or the show was AWESOME!

One of these days, I'll get a video of Trey running, which is another joy of mine. His legs are slightly bowed and looks very similar to an Olympic speed walker.
I love this kid!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day One

I'm not really sure what to make of Griffin's first words this morning. I went in to wake him up at 7am. He is usually up by himself around 7:30 or 8am, so this wasn't much earlier.

Me: "Good morning!" (scratch his back, rub his head)
"It's time to get up."
Griffin: "Can I just sleep for two more minutes?"

And so it begins.

Griffin did fine walking all the way to his classroom. I stood by the gate, watching closely, blew him three more kisses and waved before he marched right in. So grown up.

When the time came to pick him up, I thought it was going to be so convinient. We were told to pull up to this certain gate and the teacher would call out the student's name. Little did I know that you have to be there 30 minutes BEFORE school gets out to be in the top twenty cars. Otherwise, you are lined up down the street and around the corner. IT WAS CRAZY! Maybe the line moves fast, but I was anxious to see how his day went. I parked on a side street and just walked up.

Griffin's description was, "It was just a little bit too long." After going from 1.5 hrs, three days a week, to everyday all day, I can understand. He had fun but it's going to take some getting used to.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My First Kindergartener....

......for the first stage of elementary school, KINDERGARTEN is a pretty big word, don't ya think?

Griffin starts FULL DAY Kindergarten tomorrow. Yikes!

Are there any other "first time" moms out there who are a little freaked out by the whole dropping-off-a-five year old-onto-a-playground-full-of-kids-he-doesn't-know-at-seven forty AM-and-then-just-driving-off thing??!!
I'm sure I will not be the only one lingering on the side streets, spying from my car, to make sure he's okay. For AT LEAST the first week.
To KINDLY describe myself, I'm a "worry procrastinator". Maybe it's my immense faith that everything will be okay. It pulls me through. But today, Jeff asked me if I was expecting a call from Griffin's teacher tomorrow, as he's having a breakdown because school is "too long". And now, as I sit here typing this, I am getting a little worried.......and a little sad.
I mean, there's definitely days that Griffin and I do not get along, but he has become a good helper and a good friend to Kai. His immitations are always a good laugh too. I have a feeling he'll be the entertainer for his classmates. Just yesterday, he was climbing out of the back of a truck and, while stradling the tailgate, said, "OH! MY TENDERS!" (from Kung Fu Panda). Funny.
First day of school, here we come! (fingers crossed)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Letter to Elder DeWitt (my brother)

It's been too long since my last post and after writing my brother this morning, I didn't want to type it all again. So you are getting a "copy and paste" of my letter I sent this morning.

Each week when Mom sends your e-mail my way, I tell myself to be sure to write you the next Sunday to make sure you get in in time for Monday. Today I don't know if I made it because I don't have your e-mail yet, but Mom is in Henderson with Brian and Celynda and she might not have been able to forward it yet.

Anyway. This past week was a little crazy. Jeff started his new job. It's at a clinic in Queen Creek but we're going to try and look for a house to buy in Gilbert. That way we're about halfway between family and work. Plus, who really WANTS to live all the way out in Queen Creek. I always laughed at Brian when he told me he'd be "coming into town" later, because it was so far away. But who knows, maybe we'll find a house out there that we just can't live without. Back to Jeff's job. He got hired on at the same time as this fella who had 20 years of experience, but had let his license expire. Which meant JEFF had to oversee HIS work. We thought this was going to be a great opportunity for Jeff to get some mentoring and learning -- but no. This guy, Bill, kept asking JEFF questions about the patients and called in sick two days after he started and was out the rest of the week. Needless to say, Bill was fired, which was good and bad. Good because Jeff didn't like his work ethic (i.e. making Jeff take patients that Bill "didn't feel like taking"), but Bad because now, until they hire someone else, Jeff will be taking on a double load. We know it will get better, but it's going to be a long road. At least he has a job!!!

I traveled up with Mom and Dad to the Lamoreaux Reunion held at Pinal Peak because Jeff wasn't going to be able to make it. We couldn't get the generator running in the RV, which meant the boys and I were sweating almost the whole 2.5 hrs. up there. Awful. Then the second day, Griffin got a fever and threw up once in the night. Terrific. I'm not a big camper, and I've trained my kids to stay pretty clean, so the whole first day, my kids were like, "What the heck do you want me to do with all this dirt, Mom?" Meanwhile all the other kids were digging in it and calling it dirt heaven on earth. In my opinion, the actual camping spot was totally NOT WORTH the hour-long-car-sick-inducing-dirt-road drive up the mountain. This place didn't even have a stream to go throw rocks in!!! What's camping without a few hours of rock throwing?! I mean, come on!! So.....I learned that we either need to go camping more often, or just call ourselves non-camping-people.

It's always fun being with the fam though. Good food, good fun. I missed out on the service project (because of nap time). Supposedly the forest rangers requested a path be cleared from Point A to Point B. Maybe they'll call it the Lamro Trail now? There was plenty of horseshoes played as well as round upon round of Oh Heck!, of course.

Hopefully Jeff and I will get some more house hunting done this week and maybe find "our place". It's exciting to be in this next stage of life. Can't wait to see where we end up!
Also, Griffin starts Kindergarten next week. I know it will be a hard transition for him, but I think he's excited. I was a little worried. He kept saying, "I'm NOT going! It's too long!" Supposedly Griffin's Pre-K teacher, or someone else, told him he'd be at school ALL DAY LONG and it scared him. He no longer tells me he's NOT going, but I'm still nervous. Pray for him.
Well, love ya Kev!! I hope you are still working hard and enjoying every minute.
Your sis, Carolyn

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Griffin is 5 !!!

I love this perfectly posed picture. His turn was over, but I told him to jump back on so I could get a picture . It looks like an end-of-the-year school party photo, doesn't it?

Griffin's birthday is July 20th and most years we are lucky enough to do everything ON his actual birthday. This year he woke up to pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse and the number 5. Griffin is not really into Mickey Mouse at all, he just knows it's a pretty fool-proof shape to make as a pancake. I've attempted others before, succeeded in making a turtle, came close to an elephant, but failed at many.

Jeff and I had been wanting to take the boys to Arizona Mills Mall for nothing else, but to see the animals at The Rainforest Cafe. We'll have to go back and eat there because they LOVED it. Griffin and Kai each got to pick out 4 jungle figurines. We are so lucky that Griffin is not a selfish birthday boy. Lunch was assumed correctly at McDonalds, however disappointment came when we discovered the Happy Meal toys were no longer Ice Age 3 characters as anticipated. All they carried were Teeny Beany Babies. Booorrinng.

Griffin wanted a Bolt cake. I was excited to make him one like this:

instead he wanted the one seen below which came with BOLT toys on top.

Ours (on the right) turned out cute but not quite as crisp as the picture because it's SO DANG HOT HERE and the heavy orange icing started sliding off. Oh well, I'm the only one who cared.

Our families met us at Jeepers that night.... Griffin's choice. We LOVE that place!!
Thanks everyone!

I hope Kindergarten is ready for him!!