Monday, March 24, 2008

The DeWitt Egg Bash

This year marked the 4th annual Egg Bashing Contest at my parents' house for Easter. For those who have never had the privilege of this tradition...... I will explain.

A strange fact of nature is the reason for our "game". When two hard boiled eggs are rolled towards each other and HIT....... only one of them prevails without a crack. The other is mourned over by it's maker.
We dye our eggs like everyone else, but then have one specific one picked out as our "racer". (The contest really isn't a race, but for some reason we call our game eggs "racers".) My mom then makes our bracket according to how many people are playing,

we draw numbers to see which round we play in and then the game begins.
The same strip of carpet is used each year, marked with masking tape to give us our official distance away from the opponent.

"Do the eggs hit each other the very first roll?", you ask.
No -- most of the time it takes a few rolls to actually get a HIT. So we have egg passers who hand the eggs back to their owners for the next roll.

Each match-up brings a smile for some and a pout for others.

(This was before Griffin was knocked out of the contest.)

THE FINAL ROUND 2008 -- Dad vs. Kevin

Only one can be named "CHAMPION" and receive the official plaque (which I forgot to take a picture of) to hang in their house for the entire next year. Who won it all?


So happy, so proud.

For the past couple years in our "unofficial second round" Jeff has made a .......... not so legal egg to race. This year his JEWEL ARMORED invention demolished each contender it came up against. ---- Leave it to Jeff.

Kai's Birthday Party

Some of you may have the same outlook on kid's birthdays as Jeff.......... "do they really need a party if they're not going to remember ANY of it?"

For the most part -- I agree -- but I also think that cake is always needed and if we happen to have a family get-together at a place the birthday boy enjoys....... what's the big deal.

This year we told whoever wanted to come, to meet us at Jeepers (previously known as Jungle Jim's Playland). It's this little pizza place with a huge free play area and cheap, cheap rides for the kids -- and adults -- to go on. Kai loves it there!! We didn't make it a big deal. Just pizza and cake and playtime. Here's a few pictures of the birthday boy:

He wanted the cupcake SOOOO bad!! We had to sing really fast. Usually he has an "issue" with the frosting on cupcakes or cookies but he just dug right in this time.

So, I'll end with a belated "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI !!!" Love you!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Simple Addition

What is the sum of
this ----------- PLUS -----------this ?


Actually, I'd really like to blame it on the pregnancy, but I cried like a baby the first time I saw it and I was not "with child". So there you go......... I'M A SAP!!!