Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Run, run, run

Ever heard of the Ragnar Relay?

I've decided to participate in it this year with some girls I've met at the track club I go to.

(And yes, I DID photoshop out the sweat ring that was under my armpit. Ah, technology.)

This race is crazy. Just last night, my family was asking me, "What exactly is the point?"

Here's the general info:

Route is from Prescott to Tempe Marketplace

12 team members

Each runner will go three times
These are my "leg" distances:
Runner #3
6.6 miles Very Hard
7.5 miles Hard
7.1 miles Hard
21.2 miles total

I'm slightly nervous for my first leg.

High altitude + uphill for 3 miles = butterflies in stomach

It's a blessing to be living with family right now. My training has not suffered because I've been able to run basically ("bee'sicklee"--for Mom and Jason) any time I want. No need to get up before Jeff leaves or run late at night. I love it!

The race is next weekend, Feb. 26-27. I'll be praying for no injuries and lots of courage while running along the side of the highway at eleven o clock at night. Yikes!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Christmas recap


By the way, we had the best looking Claus couple at our ward party.

I can't believe it's almost Valentines Day and I haven't posted about Christmas!! I'm so lame!! We moved 6 days after Christmas Day though...... does that give me any type of excusable lameness? Probably not.

Christmas 2009 was different than the past three years because we'd actually been making money for the months prior and I was able to have a little more freedom when buying gifts. For example, when I found the object (a KitchenAid) of my baking affections on sale, I went for it.
****I now remember why I haven't posted about Christmas 'til now****
Read on.

As I clicked the "Buy Now" button, Jeff made sure I knew that was my Christmas present for the year. As a comeback, I told him that since I'd bought MY gift, he was in charge of purchasing HIS gift.
Totally fair, right?

Every few days I'd question what he'd bought for himself, or what he was planning to buy. Jeff would scrunch his nose and shake his head as if he didn't now what he wanted. I wasn't really sure what to do. So Christmas morning came around and there was nothing for Jeff under the tree. (By the way, there was nothing for me either because I hadn't wrapped the KitchenAid. It sat in the shipping box off to the side.

So there was some guilt that day. I felt bad that Jeff hadn't gotten anything. His fault though, right? Does that give me the Worst Wife in the World title?
The boys made out pretty well. Jungle animals, WALL-E toys that closed into a cube, a Leapster 2, a battery operated train that smoked out the chimney, a pirate ship, puzzles, family games, and of course stocking stuffers with too many treats.