Monday, April 22, 2013

San Diego -- July 2012

Last July (2012), my brother and his lovely wife were sealed in the San Diego Temple.

The San Diego is one of my all-time favorites and the grounds were spectacular as always.

They were also very welcoming, cool and comfortable, apparently.
At first we thought Dad was praying.... we didn't.  We knew he was sleeping.  So of course we took photos and made fun of him.

And then there was the beach.
We always love the beach. 
So much fun!

Apparently our boys don't like taking photos with us.  :)

 Here's Jeff throwing the ball....
 ....and catching it at the same time.  Amazing!!!! 

 These two didn't get the beach memo, I guess.  My dad's calves have always been awesomely muscular.  
Here is a shot of said leg muscles holding up pants without the need to roll!!!

I want to go back.