Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"What a loser!"

Any other time of year, that's what people would be saying about me wearing the same outfit 3 or 4 nights in a row. Last night we had a Halloween Party with some of our friends from school. Tonight was our ward's party. Tomorrow.......a tri-ward-trunk-or-treat. Then on Thursday, the NAU Physical Therapy gathering.
Like I'm going to buy or make 4 different costumes!!!

Good thing I really like our costumes this year. I'll get some pictures up soon.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Travel Agent Needed

I'm sending this question out to all my 15 readers...... if I even have that many.

Does anyone know a website or agent or secret way to get crazy good deals on airfare and cruises?

We are thinking about trying to go with some friends. We've already been on one with Jeff's family down the West Coast of Mexico, so we'd like something different if possible. Although, that's probably our best bet at the cheapest trip. Anyway -- thanks!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Got Gas ?

I LOVE my gas stove! For some reason, before I moved into this house, I pictured gas stoves as the ones you have to hold a match up to the element in order to light it. I was a little nervous. So when I actually started cooking with them, I fell in love. When you start to burn something and want the heat turned down, it goes down. Unlike electric stoves where you turn the heat down but you still have to remove the pan from the area of heat because it takes so long to cool down. And one of the best things you can do --- make INDOOR SMORES !! I just made some last night and the marshmellow was perfect every time. PLUS, your arm hairs and face stay safely away from harm. It's not quite the same, but for convinience, I use the cookies that have the chocolate layer on the inside and the chocolate stripes on the outside. Although, you could probably use the chocolate covered graham cracker cookies as well. Both would be good for a quick fix.
I probably should have named this blog -- INDOOR SMORES, but I thought Got Gas was more eye catching. :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rocky Point

My trip south of the border was more fun than expected. The place we stayed was amazing and had swimming pools where we spent most of the time. The ocean water wasn't too cold, but because of my kids, our water time ended up in the baby pool or the lazy river. Here is Griffin dancing in the baby pool and my sisters with they boys in the lazy river.

Griffin had fallen and scratched his knee the first day we were there, so we only went down to the ocean happily once. Every time after that, the salt water was too unbearable for his "owie". So I turned my hopes to Kai. Thinking he would like the beach more than the pools. But my other crazy kid can't stand the feeling of the sand beneath his feet. He did okay on the wet, packed sand close to the water, but if we ever put him down to walk on the dry sand....... he'd just stand there, freaking out:
It was a good trip. One that got me interested in the "Twilight" books that my sister was reading there. I'm sure most of you have heard of them. I read the first one fairly quickly and now I'm debating whether or not I can wait until my sister is done with the second one and have her send it to me, or just go out and buy it. I'm pretty hooked, so I'll probably end up at Barns & Noble later today. Oh, brother.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jilly Bean

I just wanted to let everyone know how awesome my sister is. Some of you may remember Jill. She is traveling up here to Flagstaff tonight so that her car will be available for Jeff to drive down tomorrow after his classes. Jeff is flying out Friday morning for a weekend trip to a Notre Dame game with his brothers and Dad. However, MY vacation this weekend consists of a drive down to Rocky Point with my brothers and sisters......and my two kids. (How come all MY vacations include kids??!!) Anyway, my family is leaving tomorrow morning and in order for me to go with them, we needed an extra car for Jeff to take down later -- make sense? So, I was just wanting to state publicly how glad I am to have her as my sister.

And from the looks of this picture, she thinks she's pretty cool too. Just kidding!! I took this picture after telling her to "Be serious Jill. We're at the Pearl Harbor Memorial for heaven's sake!!" -----These pictures are no comparison to the Jill in real life, or even the Jill in others' photos. For some reason, I didn't have a great one of her.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ode to Sadie

This is Griffin's cousin that we love and miss so much!!!
Come visit us Sadie !!
Getting cozy at Westwood Pool
Lovin' life at Aspen Grove
Giving hugs at Tempe Beach Park
Riding in style at the zoo
Fishin' for ducks........and a modeling agent