Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 'Wrap Up'

Christmas Eve is always a big party for Jeff's family. There was food, games, and even dancing this year. And, of course, the usual nativity performance.
(Sorry about the bad quality pictures and red eyes. I'm not really sure what's wrong with my camera.)

Then Christmas morning we told the story of Christ's birth, like so many do, then went out to see what Santa had brought.
This year Christmas was declared a Spiderman Holiday in our home.

Griffin showed his GLEE in many faces:

Kai also approved of the chosen character theme this year.

Treyson was just happy to be there, as usual.

Along with individual bikes, we gave the boys this excellent yard sale find:

After presents and Treyson's nap, we went over to the Gardners' for breakfast. We exchanged a few gifts there then over to my parents where we presented them with a music video. The film also included some "poking fun of......" and inside jokes/memories from growing up. I'm pretty sure they LOVED it!!

My favorite part of Chrismas this year was making dolls for my nieces. It took hours of neglecting housework and kids, but I got them all done. I first saw THESE DOLLS made by my cousin and fell in love. She had a link on her post to inform where she got the pattern. The original dolls can be found HERE. Jennica and I used the pattern found on the Martha Stewart website from when the Black Apple Doll creator appeared on the show.

I changed MY dolls quite a bit. I liked a bigger leg and arm -- turned the feet a different way -- added a skirt and shoes. Like I said, it was a fun gift to make.
Here they are:

You can see the shoes and the dark-haired dolls better in this picture:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

DeWitt White Elephant

Our big DeWitt White Elephant party was last night. And when I say big, I mean BIG. We had about 40 people in my parents' downstairs room. It was crazy. My mom's booming voice always comes in handy at these gatherings.

There were only a few real. usable. gifts. One of which was this old radio that, I swear, my mom and aunt were going to get in a cat fight over.

It was a good purchase by my cousin, Brandon.....who, ended up taking home one of the gifts Jeff and I brought ....... this fanciful ensemble:

(You'll have to zoom in to get the full effect.)

Here is Ken sporting his Christmas tree boxers.

Griffin's huge box of chocolate. ----- Shannon ended up with a safety helmet.

I couldn't be more happy with Jeff's Delux Vinyl Suit:
Jacob ended up with the gift we will most likely see at every party from here on out.
Here are a few more fabulous gifts --

80's suit coat -- --Some Nickelodeon character that Griffin kept calling "June" from Little Einstiens.

Camping toilet seat? -- --Huge bag of sponge rollers.

I absolutely LOVE my family. Any party with the DeWitts is time well spent.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Todd is Back!!!

On Wednesday night Jeff's brother, Todd, returned home from his mission to the Baltic Region. He is the youngest in their family and brother #5 to complete a mission for The Church Of Jesus Chirst Of Latter-Day Saints . Hope (Jeff's mom) was thrilled beyond words to have all of her boys home for good. Todd is also the only brother not married yet so I have a feeling Hope will be holding on for dear life until that fateful day when Todd finds his true love.

I thought I took more pictures than I did, but thinking back, there was a lot of chasing kids around. So these shots are all I got:

Thank you to Amy and Greg for making the gathering enjoyable with your Santa Claus outfit and Russian winter hat. One of Todd's friends, Andrea, made a sign that said, "It's been a long two years but you're worth the wait. Will you marry me?" When Todd finally made it to the sign, he looked at Andrea and, while staring into her questioning eyes, he slowly lowered the sign while shaking his head. Not quite as amused as Andrea was hoping he would be. It's good to have him home. We missed ya Todd!!!
Shaun (one of the brothers) flew in from Utah for a few days to be with Todd. And this is
Shaun's bag being left unattended for quite a length of time. Good thing our family was so crazy that the security guards didn't dare come within range. Shaun would have been busted!

Monday, December 8, 2008

"Pinecones and hollyberries..."

If any of you are familiar with one of my favorite Christmas songs, you will understand my post title. It is from the album "An Osmond Family Christmas" -- I think -- and the song is.... "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas". Love it.

We put our Christmas lights up and finally got our tree up this past week. This is the first time in a long time that we have more than just a porch to decorate with lights. Before, when we lived in the valley, our place of residence was a four-plex. Then in Flagstaff, we had REAL icicles hanging from our roof, so there was no need to put up the fake icicle lights anywhere besides our porch again. Because of more surface area to cover, the purchase of more lights was inevitable, but worth it.

This is our tree:

Last year, at the after-Christmas sales, I found this cute, funky, tree garland that I definitely need more of.

Here is my favorite tree ornament:

(Marshmallow shaped snowmen riding on chocolate pieces and a graham cracker sleigh.)

I have quite a few "favorite" Christmas decorations, but if I had to pick one this year:
(Light-up Ice Cube Snowman)

What are your favorites? Post pictures on your blog, then leave a comment so I can go look.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

Well, if you remember last year, our Thanksgiving attire was much more festive. That particular tradition might have to occur ever OTHER year. However, the tradition of making the trek to Snowflake each Thanksgiving will continue..... at least for as long as my Grandpa DeWitt is with us. Our family just keeps getting bigger and each year I think, 'Okay, this will be the year we will need to get a hotel room.' But each year, it works out. It probably helped matters when my parents purchased their RV last year. Anyways -- we always have fun times in Snowflake.
This year there wasn't as much volleyball as usual. It was cold and rainy. The coldness normally has no effect, but the rain is a little more difficult to work around. One of the main events this trip was my sister, Jill, and brother, Kevin, going through the temple for the first time. The Snowflake Temple is quite a bit smaller than the Mesa Temple and it was a great experience to be there with so much family, celebrating this special time for Jill and Kevin.

And, YES, my sister is awesome for making this decision without marriage or mission in the works. Kevin, Australia will be lucky to have you...... and please don't ever make that face again.

I wanted to get a family photo ON Thanksgiving with all the boys in their fall colors. But Jeff insisted that we still had the WHOLE weekend to get a nice picture. Did it happen? No. (Visualize me pursing my lips and shaking my fist.) I got a cute one of my boys though.

I am thankful.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Good and the Bad

Treyson caught a little stomach flu and has been sick the past day or so. Thinking back on all the times my boys have been sick, I've come to these two conclusions:

1. There is nothing more painful, saddening, and frustrating than to see my child sick and miserable and not be able to do anything about it.

2. There is nothing more fulfilling, calming, reassuring, rewarding, and peace-bringing than to be able to rock that same child, asleep, in my arms.
(This is not Trey -- it's a picture of Kai years ago, but same idea ...... sick baby + rocking chair.)