Sunday, September 9, 2012

Griffin's Birthday and Baptism

My first born is EIGHT!!

Griffin Jeff Gardner turned eight on July 20, 2012.

He chose to have a play party at Makutu's Island.  I love that we live close to almost ALL the cousins and that my boys just LOVE having all of them at their parties.  

 Then on August 4, 2012, Griffin was baptized.
We were blessed enough to be given permission to have it be a solo baptism and all the talks, etc. were done by family.  It was such a special day!


After the baptism, we had lunch, cake and presents.

I love that cousin Sadie is holding her hand over her brother's mouth while Griffin blows out the candles.

His cake this year was yet another Ben 10 cake.
I made it to look like one of the toys he was going to be getting from Grammy.

Shown here:
The top of the "Omnitrix" pops up and you can spin the top to pick which alien you are wanting to become at that particular moment.
Thank goodness Grammy (my mom) knows the boys so well and was willing to buy three of these so there wouldn't be any fighting.
They played with these things nonstop for the first week or two after the party.

There was enough Ben 10 to make his jaw drop lower and lower until it was ultimately stuck in this position:
 His mouth was stuck in this position for the next 4 hours.  I had to chew his cake for him and feed it to him like a baby bird!  -- Okay that's gross.  I took it too far.  Sorry.

Even though I think he's done this before, now that he is 8 yrs old, the city of Mesa will allow him to legally jump off the high dive.
Since I am posting this during Sunday "rest time", I will try to get Griffin's thoughts on his baptism day posted here to we have it documented.
Check back.