Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sick at SIX

Kai turned 6 on March 19th.
His birthday ended up being a week long celebration and we still owe him one more "party".

Monday, on his actual birthday, we had most of the DeWitt family over for a Bosa Donut cake.  
Kai loved his face in this picture and made sure I put it in.  :)

A few days later, we had his cake and party with the Gardners after one of the boys' coach pitch practices.
(I'm sure there will be pictures of those games soon.)
Poor Kai was not feeling too well that night.  
All he wanted to do was open presents and go home.
He didn't even eat his huge piece of penguin Mario that I had cut for him.
His cake request was Super Smash Bros.

I couldn't find any figurines from that game to put on his cake so I had to use the fruit roll-up technique I'd used before.

Kai quickly blew out his candles and unwrapped his presents with as much excitement as he could muster up.  Then we packed up and went home.
We promised Kai a trip to Bounce U with his brothers and best cousin to make up for the not-so-much-fun parties he had.
He was such a good sport though.
Love you Kai!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break Reward Trip

For the month of February, we challenged the boys to keep us on track with reading scriptures and having family prayer every. day.  
As a reward, we stayed overnight at a hotel in Scottsdale that ended up being right across the street from the
The boys had so much fun riding the little train around the park.

While waiting for our "boarding time", we played on the big playground they have there as well.

I had wanted to book a hotel with crazy fun slides and lazy rivers, etc., but EVERYWHERE I checked was sold out! 
But really, all the boys needed was a pool.
Nothing fancy.
Just water to jump in.

We swam, rode the train, went out to dinner and dessert, went out for breakfast in the morning, then saw The Lorax on the way back home.
The break from our "norm" was desperately needed and welcomed with open arms.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sweet Tooth Temples

While growing up in Flagstaff, my dad did quite a bit of painting houses and such.
My memory is not always the best, but for some reason I can still see clearly the inside of the paint store that we went to so often.
I attribute most, if not all of that memory to the sugar cubes.
Each time the paint store trip was made, my siblings and I were able to enjoy one sweet, disolving, perfect square each. 
 Sometimes more if we got too crazy and the paint was taking too long. 

Last Sunday at the Gardner's we had a family hour lesson on temples.
Each family was given a few boxes of sugar cubes to build with.
Griffin made sure to have Moroni present and asked that I also beautify the temple grounds with flowers.

Along with a great lesson on temples, each of the boys were given their own first memory of eating a sugar cube.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ragnar Del Sol 2012

Introducing my 2012 Ragnar Relay team:

Sorry.  Yes, this post is about my running....AGAIN.  I wouldn't blame you for leaving now.

For those of you who don't know, Ragnar is a 200 mile relay ran by teams of 12 members.
On occasion, crazy people sign up under the "Ultra" category.
This means you run the full 200 miles with only 6 members.
Like I said, crazy.

With help from Jeff, the name "Sparktacular Six" was born.
We wore sparkle skirts the whole time and "bling-ed" out the van with shimmering stickers.

If my mom wasn't the amazing seamstress she is, the Mesa High School play wouldn't have stolen her away from being our driver for a day and a half.
But circumstances being what they were, this is what my team had to deal with:
We all took turns driving throughout the day AND night.
I only remember bits and pieces of that night.
It's a big blur.

We started off in Wickenburg and finished in Tempe.
My total mileage came to 37.1.
In 24 hours.
I'll say it again... crazy.

I had a blast being with all my friends though.  Can't beat a weekend of laughing, dancing, cheering each other on, and pushing your body's limits to new extremes.
Thanks ladies for the fun!!!
(Me, Kristin, Marie, Breezy, Erin, Jasmyn)

Consider yourself lucky I didn't post the entire 300+ photos that were taken!
Girls and their cameras.