Monday, June 3, 2013

Pregnancy #4 !!!

My brother in law, Todd, who is one of only 5 people who check my blog anymore said that I really need to update because no one knows I'm pregnant.

So here's my announcement, officially. I'm pregnant!!!!!

This time I will be having a girl although I don't know if I will fully believe it until I see her.

I am due in 16 days, on June 19th. But I would be surprised if I make it that long because I usually go early. We shall see.

I have been steadily growing a belly of course and I have loved being pregnant again.

I wasn't into running as much with my other pregnancies so it was really really hard to give it up at about this stage:

Besides that everything has gone fabulously and I can't wait to meet this new addition!!!

It's time. Lets do this!!

Brian Graduated Med School!!

Within the next few weeks my brother, Brian, and his family will be moving to Florida for his residency.

Could they have picked a place any farther?

Anyway -- he had his graduation in Nevada and, believe it or not, ALL of my family was able to be there for him.  It was so fun to be all together, even if it was only for a day and a half.

Congrats Brian!

Do A Jive, Treyson is Five!!

Treyson wanted to do the exact same thing as Kai this year for his birthday.
ChuckECheese and then back to the house for cake and presents.

Treyson had a huge part in his cake design as well.  He was right by my side as we looked up ideas online.
And helped draw out and color the sketch we sent to Katie:

This time I got to help her make the cake.  With her elaborate skills, sometimes it's just easier and faster to make the cake at her work or at her house.
But this one had quite a few details and I wanted to be a part of making it.

Trey was so so SO happy with the cake!
It was everything he dreamed of and more.

His favorite birthday gifts this year were unicorn Stompeez, a bag of Jumbo Marshmallows, a can of pizza flavored Pringles, Pokemon cards, a Mario shirt, and Ironman.

And yes, I said UNICORN Stompeez.  Don't ask....because I don't know.

DeWitt Egg Bash 2013

Oh how we look forward to this annual event!
For those who have never read about our "bash" before, each family member picks one egg they have boiled and decorated.
That egg is entered into the Egg Bash bracket and randomly put against another family member.
We compete by rolling said eggs towards each other at dangerous speeds... okay, not really.
Most of the time the eggs wobble off to the side before even getting close to the competition.
But once they connect, only one will crack.
Just one.
Every time.

Griffin and I both made it to the final round.
 We both really wanted to win, can you tell?
Whatever the outcome, I knew the beloved championship plaque would be hanging in my house for the next year.
We faced off,

took our positions, 

and unfortunately, Griffin had to learn the sad lesson of being a good sport while Mom wins.
 He really was a good sport about it!

Here is last year's champ, Allan, handing off the coveted prize:

The Champion Egg!