Thursday, November 15, 2007

I love memories....

So, I had one of those days yesterday and just the smallest thing made me pretty mad. Griffin, Kai, William (Griffin's friend), and I, were all standing outside Jeff's NAU building where all of his classes are held. We were waiting for Jeff's class to be over so we could go home. There was some "Rock Band" canopy-set-up thing outside playing music and Griffin was having a ball dancing on some... metal, water access cover...thing. Oh man -- if only you could see his dancing. It was to the point where I was half laughing, half proud of such an outgoing child. Yet embarrassed.
ANYWAY -- Jeff came out and I was trying to round up the kids and corral them to the car. Well, Rock Star Griffin did not want to leave his stage, so I grabbed his arm and guided him that way. The next thing I know he's BITING MY HAND!!!! What the heck? I thought we had gotten over the biting stage a year ago. So yes, I got mad (because it freakin' hurt) and handed him over to Jeff, who usually can handle him.
Well, later that night I was thinking about how lucky I am because he really is a good kid. A couple months ago, I got SUPER sick. Stomach flu kind of thing. It, of course, came upon me while Jeff was gone so I was struggling. A friend in the ward heard I was sick and had some brethren come over and give me a blessing. After they left, I turned yet another show on for the boys and went to lay down. Five minutes later, they were both sitting next to me. Griffin said, "Do you have owies Mommy? I'll help you." He then placed his hands on my head, like he had seen, and proceeded to give me his version of a blessing. He's the best.