Monday, March 24, 2008

Kai's Birthday Party

Some of you may have the same outlook on kid's birthdays as Jeff.......... "do they really need a party if they're not going to remember ANY of it?"

For the most part -- I agree -- but I also think that cake is always needed and if we happen to have a family get-together at a place the birthday boy enjoys....... what's the big deal.

This year we told whoever wanted to come, to meet us at Jeepers (previously known as Jungle Jim's Playland). It's this little pizza place with a huge free play area and cheap, cheap rides for the kids -- and adults -- to go on. Kai loves it there!! We didn't make it a big deal. Just pizza and cake and playtime. Here's a few pictures of the birthday boy:

He wanted the cupcake SOOOO bad!! We had to sing really fast. Usually he has an "issue" with the frosting on cupcakes or cookies but he just dug right in this time.

So, I'll end with a belated "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI !!!" Love you!


Danielle said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Kai!!

Jen said...

i agree!! we do the same thing w/ parties. now that we are getting some older ones we have more of a party but the huge parties for the 1 year olds. no thanks! (we did that w/ seth and it was way too much work for the occasion!)