Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bosom Buddies

Today a pistachio fell down my shirt, and I smiled. I've never been known for my "bustiness", and as most girls would tell you, it doesn't feel womanly to be small. But when I nurse, they do tend to fill out....... a little. ~~ (Shouldn't we be PERMANENTLY "blessed" for giving our children the best?)~~ And it's not like I was wearing this super low-cut shirt either. I was dressed in this cute little number Jeff's dad bought for me at the Basement Marketplace here in Flagstaff. LOVE IT !! Love the shirt, love the store, love it !!

And speaking of "cute little numbers" -- check out the makeover I gave my "digits" last time we went down to the valley:

No, I didn't necessarily want a picture of my long toes on the Internet, but the argyle was too cute not to share. My sisters and I went to a salon called "Quality Nails" in Chandler. They have HUNDREDS of design choices. So go about 15 minutes early if you want time to decide.


Jen said...

very cute shirt! and you look so good! cute toes too!

AZ Karen said...

A girl's gotta celebrate these things! I want a pedicure now...NOW! Those are some cute little piggies.

Jasmyn said...

How in the world do you look so AMAZING already. You were just meant to have kids, you bounce back so fast.
And your toes are super cute.
Looking forward to you moving back down here, when will that be anyway? We are moving to Gilbert at end of this month so we won't be out in the boonies anymore! I hope we can hang out, I miss you!

Blake & Alli said...

cute toes and i love that store in flagstaff! it wasn't there when we lived there, but i check it out when we go up to visit.

btw, when did you hair get so long? very cute indeed :)