Friday, December 4, 2009

Usual stuff:

Thanksgiving was awesome, as usual.
We were with my family up in Snowflake, as usual.
At one point, there were almost 80 relatives, not usual.

This year there were a few more DeWitt family members around because of my cousin, John, getting married a few days before Thanksgiving.

The food was great, as usual.
My Aunt Linda made many delicious pies, as usual.
One of them being an Almond Chocolate Cream Pie, which I hope will become one of her usual.

Friday night, while a volleyball game was going on, Kai played on the swing set with Griffin and cousin Lukas. I didn't hear what had happened but he ended up sitting on the stairs inside just crying/whimpering. After ten minutes I told him to stop crying or go finish in the bedroom. No change. So I helped him up to the bedroom where he continued to cry. I figured he was just really tired, but when he just wouldn't stop crying, I had my uncle (the Doc) check him out.

Kai kept complaining about his left shoulder area. We could see that it was red and Kai didn't like moving it AT ALL. My uncle said he couldn't feel a break, but that didn't mean there wasn't one. The next day, his pain was worse and there was some swelling. But since he could move his arm just fine, we figured the shoulder must have gotten jammed pretty hard.

From what I've heard, Kai fell off one of the swings and Lukas fell on top of him. Everyone around them when it happened, just told Kai to get up and "brush off". It would be a lot easier to know if something was definitely wrong with him if he wasn't whining ALL THE TIME and crying so easily about EVERYTHING.

Anywho. Sunday, he was still sore, but I had gotten really sick and didn't even think about it that day, sadly. Monday I felt a little better and Kai was getting some excellent mobility out of his left arm, so we debated again to take him in to the doctors or not. Rather than take him to our primary care, THEN to an x-ray facility, I just went straight to Urgent Care where they could do everything on the spot.

Diagnosis: Fractured collarbone.
Treatment: Arm in sling to help with pain.

Kai had already been keeping his left arm in "sling position" on his own. So I was happy when the doctors said, "It's probably not going to be easy getting a three year old to wear a sling. If he wants to, let him. If not, don't fight him on it. Basically if the broken collarbones are in the same room...... they'll heal together."

That left me, feeling like an awful mom, AS USUAL, finding out my kid really IS hurt, after telling him to just brush it off and stop crying!


Jen B said...

I've never heard of this happening before...NEVER!!! :)

Just forgive yourself!

Mom's are suppose to grow strong kids!

DeWitts said...

I'm sure it won't be the last time the two of them get injured together. Boys!

Bloom said...


Emily here from BLOOM -- just wanted to remind you to make your payment for the item you won (Urban Evening Mirror Set) at the auction for Benson & Claire. If you've already paid -- great! please disregard this :) if not, please make your donation to Cota so I can mail your stuff!