Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Run, run, run

Ever heard of the Ragnar Relay?

I've decided to participate in it this year with some girls I've met at the track club I go to.

(And yes, I DID photoshop out the sweat ring that was under my armpit. Ah, technology.)

This race is crazy. Just last night, my family was asking me, "What exactly is the point?"

Here's the general info:

Route is from Prescott to Tempe Marketplace

12 team members

Each runner will go three times
These are my "leg" distances:
Runner #3
6.6 miles Very Hard
7.5 miles Hard
7.1 miles Hard
21.2 miles total

I'm slightly nervous for my first leg.

High altitude + uphill for 3 miles = butterflies in stomach

It's a blessing to be living with family right now. My training has not suffered because I've been able to run basically ("bee'sicklee"--for Mom and Jason) any time I want. No need to get up before Jeff leaves or run late at night. I love it!

The race is next weekend, Feb. 26-27. I'll be praying for no injuries and lots of courage while running along the side of the highway at eleven o clock at night. Yikes!!


Danielle said...

I'm impressed. I think you're crazy. But I'm impressed.

Until I get a lap pool in my own backyard (which will be never) I won't be exercising much. I change rugrats all day instead.

Sean & Julia Johnson.... said...

ridiculously impressive.. I wish I could do something like that!!

grammy becky said...

Beecause you said 'bee'sicklee', I beelieve I need to reply. I beelonged to bee beeside you, bee-eekoning you on in your run. Or beehind you to beeware you of danger and beehold you in your sport. You beefit me as a beeacon of inspiration. Or you did beefore you beelittled my speaking. Maybee you have beetrayed me. I still will bee beehind you in this beeautiful sport. And I say to you, you have made us beecome a beeliever in this endeavor that most of us beegrudge. Bee safe my beenign daughter. We will beelieve in you. Bee-off.

Corbin and Amy said...

Wow!!! That is amazing! Is it timed? Good luck!