Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Science Fair

Johnson Elementary Montessori Science Fair
March 5th
The Kindergartners displayed "Observations". Each chose an animal or habitat or the planets to mold. Griff picked gorillas and did a fabulous job!

The shirt he's wearing below is Griffin's new favorite. It has a fuzzy lightning bolt with the word "disorder" under that. I love how in the picture his pose and clothes completely live up to the shirt statement..... but in reality "disorder" is such an oxymoron to the true Griff.

Although it is frustrating certain times, most of the time I love how Griffin likes things to be in order. Nicely combed hair everyday, sorting out rocks, lining up dinosaur toys, teeth brushed-flossed-rinsed, making sure his Kevin (large bird from "UP") art is colored exactly as it's portrayed in the movie.... which is NOT easy.