Tuesday, April 14, 2009


April 13, 2009......
it FINALLY happened!!!
A female has won the title!!!
This being the fifth year, the ladies had been waiting.

To sum up our annual bash ...... each member of the family picks a colored egg they made to compete with. Numbers are drawn and a bracket is made. Opponents roll their eggs towards the other in hopes that theirs will not crack (only one will... always). Players move along the bracket until only one is left standing.

This year the winner was none other than:
KATELYN DEWITT!! -- She was very 'egg'-cited....

Katie's final round was against Jill (who was left heartbroken).

The egg hunt this year was at my parents' ward chapel. New hiding spots made it more challenging. Half the eggs were filled with numbers instead of candy.

Each number corresponded to one of the 35+ fabulous prizes!!!

Jeff and I, plus the boys, pretty much "cleaned up". I felt kinda bad......kinda.


Jen said...

i love the numbers thing inside the eggs! how creative and so much more fun!