Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Griffin turned 7 on July 20, 2011.

He had planned all along to have a Sunsplash birthday with a few friends/cousins.
But with the knowledge that his vertical stretch wasn't quite up to snuff for some of the slides, Griff decided that Sunsplash will have to wait until his 16th birthday.
Why 16th?
I have no idea.

The morning of Griffin's big day we drove to the dollar store (one of his all-time favorite places). In the parking lot was something they'd been looking for and dreaming of their whole lives!

The actual Bumblebee Transformer Car:

An etched TRANSFORMERS label! The Autobot symbol!!
What more could a boy ask for?
The only thing missing was "Black and Yellow" (by Wiz Khalifa) playing in the background. Griffin is convinced that song is about his beloved car.
"Black stripe, yellow paint....."

With Sunsplash out of the plans, he asked to have the exact same party as Kai's.
Brimhall pool, pizza, cake, gifts.
Easy enough.
I didn't get any pictures at the pool but I took plenty of happy present faces:

The cake was another fun one for me to make:

Griff loved it:

Look at my new nephew, Camden, ...perched on the table...
So cute:

Happy birthday Griffin!!


Shirl and Bill said...

Oh my gosh, Griffin are you that old already???
Where does the time go. Happy birthday Griffin....

becky d said...

Carolyn - did you not comment that YOU made the cake? I'll have to go back and re-read, but you need to take credit for that!

Rob said...

Seriously, that is a sweet cake! I used to do that (not that good, but whatever), now I'm lazy and we buy ice cream cakes.