Saturday, May 4, 2013

San Francisco Treat

For our 12 year Anniversary, I wanted to give the Love of my Life a treat that could express how much I love being with her and exploring new places.  With the help of a few people, whom I want to thank and recognize, we had a spectacular trip.  A friend of ours, Craig who works for US Airways, helped us with buddy passes to fly into Oakland and then we took an exciting BART train ride into downtown SF.  Also my  awesome in-laws who booked us an amazing Time Share Resort in heart of San Francisco. Lastly my mom who was our transport to and from Airport and helped watch the boys while we were gone.  THANK YOU GUYS- It wouldn't have happened without your help.   

Now some highlights of the trip.

We walked all over the place, and by the end of the weekend we were exhausted.  We did buy some City Passes that allowed us to jump on the countless trolleys, old style cable cars, buses, etc...  My favorite was riding the cable cars and holding on for dear life on the side rails.  We saw the whole city, thanks to Carolyn and her amazing maps skills.

The Wharf, Marketplace, Pier 39, Downtown Chinatown , and other locations were all within walking distance or a short ride on bus.

Another highlight of the trip was the amazing food that we ate.  Authentic Chinese food from Chinatown, Sourdough Bread (it tastes so much better when you eat in SF), crab right off the boat, chocolate from Ghirardelli factory.  The list went on and on.  Thank goodness we walked everywhere so we could burn off some of the calories.

Lastly I booked 2 special tours:  Muir Woods and Alcatraz!!!!  We had such an amazing time and the pictures don't do justice to how breath taking the giant red woods were and the nostalgia of being on "The Rock"



DeWitts said...

Amazing! It's on our list of places to visit so one day we'll need all the details.

becky d said...

I'm sorry to comment so late, but I think the lady is 'photo-bombing' you Carolyn, in your crab picture!

becky d said...

By the way, your photos are all too cute!