Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Numba' Fidy"

For those of you who don't understand my attempt at Ebonics...... the title of this is referring to my 50th post. I'd like to say I have something really spectacular to write about, but, nope. Just another catch-up.

We went down to the valley this past weekend for my brother's graduation from Mesa High. Just to give you a taste of how non-traditional my family is with certain things ........ here is his Graduation Announcement:

Unfortunately, because of weather conditions, they moved the ceremonies inside the school. Half in the gym and half in the auditorium. Each graduate was given only TWO tickets for friends and family members. Yeah, I was mostly sad and upset....... but a little glad. Sorry Kevin, but those things are WAY too long. I would have said the same thing about my own graduation. Especially with kids. There's no way a two and three year old are going to sit quietly listening for their uncle's name to be called.

Anyway. The rest of the weekend was spent just hanging out. We played with cousins in their inflatable pool. It wasn't planned. My sister-in-law and I were just talking outside and the next thing we knew.... our kids are playing in the rain puddle left by the aforementioned unfortunate weather. Thank goodness for extra swim diapers. Griffin has an issue with wearing wet clothing, so after his decision was made to get in the water, he came running out of the house naked. He wanted to keep ALL his clothing at a safe distance (in the house) from the water.

Jeff had gone upto the Showlow Softball Tournament a few days before us and we met up with him later. I have to pat myself on the back for making it the entire trip without going crazy and only yelling once. The usual 3.5 hour trip took us only 4 hrs. because of a nursing break in Payson. The tournament was not the funnest I've ever been to. The wind was TERRIBLE. The boys and I only watched one game. Sorry Jeff.

All in all, the trip was good. We love being with family. Griffin especially loves to go places with Grandma Hope, because the money she plans on spending for groceries or graduation gifts, usually ends up buying grandkids new gifts and toys. Shown below is Kai sporting the Ninja Turtle Mask that was part of this trip's gift.