Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello BLORLD !!

The title is a sad excuse for my made-up word meaning, "blog world". I've been out of our little planet here for a while because I've been trying to get out new place set up. We're renting a house in Mesa and pretty excited about it. The space fits us well. I'm still getting all the last details up but here's a view of our main room to the kitchen.

(The lighting is bad, but you get the idea)

We acquired this nice sectional from Jeff's sister's furniture store: CORTATE FURNITURE. I'm sure some of you have heard of it. Super good prices. Let me know if you'd like to know more about it.

My cousin Jen was in town for a few days from her travels and she, along with her mom, gave me some suggestions on what to do with the front room. She helped me pick out my rug and told me how to paint and glaze our particle board/laminate entertainment center. Jennica and her mom are both pretty crafty like that.

I think it turned out really cute!! I still need to add some brown, round knobs on those front doors. Adorable!
To see more of Jennica's style, click on my link to the side or see here .

On other news, Griffin started preschool. We really wanted to put him in Jeff's Aunt Glenda's Montessori School, but it was 20 minutes away and we have an elementary school just around the corner. I think next year we'll try for the Montessori Kindergarten. Here he is -- so excited with his humungo backpack.

We have a smaller one, but it's Lightning McQueen which he's been "over" for a while now. This Spiderman backpack was much more wanted.

Also!!! My brother, Kevin, got his mission call. He opened it tonight with family and friends close. Most of us had guessed at where he might be going. My cousin Isaac got it right. Australia Melbourne East. So fun, right!!! He doesn't leave until January though (?). Why so long, we're wondering. Jason (my other brother who just got home) is especially concerned about that time frame. Although Jason loves Kevin, he was kind of hoping for a 3-4 week departure date. (They're sharing a room right now.) Now Kevin can go out and look for a nice paying job and rack up some money to help pay for this fantastic opportunity. Right Kev?! We're going to miss him. But not yet.

-- Hanging up some curtains for my mom while balancing on a 2x4 .... nice! --

-- Loving Uncle Bean --

(I don't think it's the "bean" reason you guys are thinking about. You'll have to ask my nephew Lukas why Kevin got that name. Not that a two year old will have a very good reason.)


Jenny said...

Australia! Awesome! It seems like every guy secretly hopes to get called there! How cool for Kevin!
The front room looks great. I love the way the entertainment center looks in there. The color is just right.
It was fun getting to hang out a little while we were in town. Your boys are absolutely adorable.

Jasmyn said...

Yay, your back. So...when are we getting together? :) Where in Mesa are you. We are on the mesa/gilbert border off of Gilbert and Baseline. I am looking forward to seeing you again. last time I saw you, I was pregnant with #1 and you were pregnant with #2. Oh, how things have changed! Shoot me an e-mail with your phone number, k!

Talk soon :)

Danielle said...

The entertainment center looks really good!! I'm so impressed with your craftiness. Apparently I didn't get that gene. And I can't believe Griffin is in preschool. It just blows me away to think of Justin going to school. Weird.

Brittanny said...

I wish my kids could go to Glenda's school! And I am glad to see you join back in the blogging world again! And I am most glad to see yall get more settled!

Wiltbank Family said...

Hi Carolynn,
How fun to have Griffin in school, I bet he is enjoying it. Olivia misses him alot she always asks when can she play with Griffin. I love the Entertainment center, I can't believe it is the same piece. I have been wanting to do that to the girls dresser. Call me and tell me how. I hope all is going well for you guys.