Monday, January 19, 2009

Uncle Missionary

Well, it's Kevin's turn.
Yesterday was my brother's "farewell". I could tell he was nervous during his talk but he did a great job. He told some good jokes, but also made some touching statements. These certain topics brought tears to some family members. Kevin was one of those members. One of the "ice breaking"comments he told, at the start, was a caution from oldest brother, Brian, who promised to beat up any sissy that cried at the podium.

Kevin tried to hold in the tears for quite a while, but when they came, he knew he was in trouble. At one point he looked down into the congregation and his eyes found the bully. Brian held up a single fist at chin height -- another warning of what was to come.

Kevin, while trying to hide his laughter and attempting to slow down the tears with a deep breath, made a disturbing sound. It was a loud, sobbing, snore-like, gasp of air. To which his reply was, "Oh my!". Those words that made fun of himself saved Kevin from even more family ridicule. It was awesome.

On another note..... my sister, Jill, and I pulled a little Tia and Tamara move. We both showed up to the meeting wearing black tops, pink skirts, and black shoes. The funniest part was that the skirt I was wearing was Jill's and vice versa. Aaahhh sisters.


Jessie Brown said...

Where is he going?

Holly Janeen said...

i cant believe kevin is going on a mission.
i am so flippin OLD!
and how funny about you and Jill... *sigh* sisters :)