Monday, January 19, 2009

What was I thinking?!!

In the past 6 months, I have MAYBE ran a total of 5 times. Each run no longer than 2 miles. And once in a while I would try to get out and rollerblade or bike ride. It's just hard for me to find time and motivation. But when I heard about London's Run I told myself to just DO IT.

There were three options: Half Marathon (absolutely not) -- 10K (6.2 miles.....yikes) -- and the 2 mile "fun run" (Fun?).

My first choice was to run the 2 miles, with the excuse of wanting to donate blood afterwards. (They had a station there.) Then my sister Jill, who I was planning to run with, had to work that day. So I called Jennifer. She is one of my best friends from high school and the closest person I have to a personality twin. We both ran Cross Country together at Westwood and decided upon the 10k.

It was a blast running with her again. The race was hard. We both laugh. A ton. So with happiness also comes sadness. I had cramps from giggling until I finally worked them out around mile 4.5. It was pretty painful. I surprised myself with the running part. Yes, I was slower than I used to be, but I did it. We ended up with this awesome shot, which I am seriously thinking about buying because it wraps up our whole run.

That picture is from the last turn before heading to the finish line and we are STILL SMILING, just as we did the entire race. That specific smile capture is when we told ourselves to catch this guy in front of us and pass him. That action was quickly defeated when...... we think ........ the guy heard us and started making his sprint for the finish. We couldn't catch him.

I'm so stinkin' sore today.
Good times.


Deb said...

Wow! Great job, I have never run anything - even the length of my street. That is the best running picture I have ever seen. They should use it to promote their next run.

DeWitts said...

Holy Cow! Who just decides to run a 10k and then does... while smiling?!? Gee, I think I'll run a 10k today. Amazing.

Sterling and Jennifer said...

Thanks again for getting me to run with you! It really was too much fun. Too bad I haven't been running since...oops. And I am honored to be your "personality twin"!

J Brewer said...
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J Brewer said...

You really MUST have that picture! It's worth gold ~ think of your posterity here... What a fun way to get back into running! Don't quit you'll regret it in your 30s!

Alisa Larson said...

That's an awesome picture. You for sure need to buy it. Next time invite your old pal Alisa too! :-)