Friday, June 12, 2009

Mmmmm... Lip Tartare

This morning, Griffin had a dentist appt. to fill a cavity. He actually did REALLY well. Normally he is crying from the second I tell him where we are going, until we leave the office. Today, there were no tears, not one.

As we were leaving, the assistant instructed, "Don't let him play with his lip and tongue." Of course I understood what that meant... he was numb. But what she should have said is, "Watch him every second for the next hour or so, because we've had patients bite their numb lip and tongue." Which statement would have put YOU more on alert?

I passed along the warning to Griffin, "Don't play with your tongue and lip -- they will feel funny for a while. I carried Griffin into the house and placed him on the couch. Thinking he would be okay watching a show,I went to make myself some toast. The next thing I hear is Jeff ask, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"

Griffin had bit his lip.

So now his memory of the perfect dentist appointment will be tarnished.

I've decided to tell all the boys that this (above) is what happens when you enjoy your teacher's silky shirt a bit too much.
(Griffin with Pre-K Assistant Teacher Mrs. Choo)


Jen said...

so sad about the lip! So hilarious about the silky shirt! that is so a blackmail picture when he grows up!!

Jessie Brown said...

Poor Griffin. That hurts just looking at it.

Jasmyn said...

Talk about copping a feel! Smart boy, watch out for him:)

J Brewer said...

Ah man! My little one almost bit thru her chin, little teeth marks that made her face look dirty for a few weeks.
Poor teacher - they just don't know whats coming! So funny

Rob said...

bummer! I hate to see kids do that. I always tell parents to watch the kid for chewing!

Regarding the teacher, I have to say, that looks more like intentional cupping then an incidental brush. You're gonna have to keep an eye on that kid!

Debbi said...

HAHAH! love the silk shirt picture. Too funny.