Monday, September 14, 2009

Making the most of what I've got!

This past Saturday evening was our ward's Ice Cream Social.

I LOVE ME SOME ICE CREAM, especially homemade.

One of the directors called to see if I could bring some. She said "homemade is preferrable, but whatever". Since I don't have an ice cream maker, and forgot to borrow one from my parents, I did the next best thing.

YUM !!


--Buy the best vanilla ice cream out there
--Add some milk for Dairy Queen Blizzard-like texture
-- Dice strawberries, add to mixture
-- Finish off with crushed Oreos
-- Mix well

This, now favorite, combination was introduced to me by the lovely Jillian, my sis.
Thanks Jill -- not only for the PARTY IN MY MOUTH!!........ but also for this:

That's right!!! The ice cream social wasn't just a social, it was a contest -- which I was not told about. I didn't say anything when we showed up because I thought, "There's NO WAY, with eleven other homemade ice creams on the table, that I will win something."

Turns out I was wrong. Strawberries and Oreos is a beloved combo for many (including the Stake President) who would have been too nervous to try it on their own.

P.S. -- I tried to give back the prize (Baskin Robbins certificates) but it was a four-way tie for third place, so I was told to go ahead and keep it. Some were impressed that I even concocted an offering semi-homemade without an ice cream maker.

Others just whispered "cheater" when I walked by.... for the rest of the night.

"Now we know how to win next year!", one voice said.


Jen said...

whatever to the sad losers! she said "homemade is preferable but whatever"! that is a fun surprise and sounds like a really yummy treat!

Corbin and Amy said...

What a fun activity! That is one of Corbin's favorite combos too. Oh so good!

Alisa Larson said...

That's funny and sounds delish!!

Alisa Larson said...
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