Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Griffin's Lesson

Monday night for Family Home Evening, Griffin informed me he was in charge of the lesson.

He worked for about half an hour drawing out his assignments/maps. It was too cute!
Then each person was put in a team:

On the back of their team assignment was a "map".
The map told each member where to find their key.
Jeff and Allan had to:

Fight the Scorpion
Other quests included:
Africa for Grammy and Grandpa (who came back from their expedition in full African attire)
Mine and Shannon's quest was not so spectacular. We cleaned the kitchen.
In each place, we were to find "keys" to bring back to Griffin.
I should mention..... the "keys" were spoons.

Shannon found her key here:

...the tiny crack between mop and fridge.
Where there is also a blue M&M we probably should have picked up.

Thank goodness Griff was there, happy to help with the hard ones.

After all the keys were returned, our trek took us downstairs where we piled all the big pillows high on the couch.
For some reason, Shannon was chosen (by Griffin) to leave the room while our treasures were hid.

Yes, the hiding spot was in the center of the room...... for ALL the spoons.
Griffin then asked us all to bury the keys under the pillows.

Shannon was then called back to the group to find the keys. It didn't take her long!
I think she cheated. :)
Griffin was SO happy and thrilled that his activity turned out exactly as planned.
Good job Griff!!


Scott+Tiffany said...

haha that is too cute! what a great activity

Brittanny said...

Wow Griffin! He has quite the imagination and I am impressed! I should give annlise a chance to plan fhe...except it would all be about mermaids. I am not sure we'd learn anything...