Sunday, June 6, 2010

An argument to smile about.

While I was still disappointed that the boys were fighting and not using nice words towards each other.... I didn't quite mind the object of discussion.

Getting ready for church this morning:

Kai: "Mom you look...... not beautiful."
Griffin: "Yes she does!"
Kai: "Mom, you look ....... not beautiful. You look awesome!"
Griffin: "No, she looks beautiful."
Kai: "Awesome!"
Griffin: "Beautiful!"
Kai: "Awesome!"
Griffin: "Beautiful!"

Keep it comin' boys. Keep it comin'.

(taken by one of the two BEST 'arguers' on the planet)


Scott+Tiffany said...

haha that is too cute. You did look "awesome" today! as always : )

Jen said...

that is a tough argument after seeing exactly what they were talking about. I can't decide either! Looking good!

Becky said...

Cute actually you look awesomely beautiful!!!