Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Wahoo!" Times Two

Two thrilling things happened yesterday.
Prepare yourself to be amazed.
But please don't tell me by which one you were amazed.

The first -- a timed laundry folding session:



(Imagine here swift arm movements and the sounds of laundry being shaken into submission)
106 garments and 540 seconds later (9 minutes even)...

An average of 5.09 seconds per piece = WAHOO #1 !!

I think that was fast. ?? I've never timed myself before.
**Please note that this included turning everything right side out (including socks and underwear), flattening any pocket lining that had bunched up, and separating into piles as I went.**

Go on.... try it. I dare you. It was fun.
Okay, folding laundry is never "fun" per se. At least for me it's not. But any type of activity that adds a little spice and competition to my day, works for me.

Jeff called later on and said he'd just heard on the radio that JOHN MAYER AND OWL CITY would be playing at the Cricket Pavilion THAT VERY NIGHT (last night)!!!
Jeff usually doesn't suggest concert type activities -- especially at an outdoor venue where we'd be sweating the whole night-- nor does he absolutely LOVE either performer. So when he brought it up, I jumped at the chance.
WAHOO #2 !!

We scored some really good seats about 13 rows from the stage.

Perhaps a little too close though.
Closeness for the visual aspect was great, but my ears were ringing!!
I stood there dancing with my fingers in my ears half the time.
I'm sure I looked awesome.

Wouldn't that just be a dream to be rewarded with a concert of favorite groups each and every time you dominated a laundry task?


Danielle said...

I am most amazed by the awesome picture you took of yourself. You have perfected the art of using the timer button, I see.

Jen said...

I was going to say something about the picture too! I love that you took that of yourself! I am going to have to time my laundry one day. to think it took less than 10 minutes makes it seem more bearable! way to go! and so fun about the concert! I love when hubbys do stuff like that!!!

Jillian Crockett said...

So fun!!!! (I am talking about the laundry of course) And was the bandaging on your finger an injury from your folding? A burn perhaps because you went so fast? (because let's be honest you took that pic after the folding was done. . . right?)

The Gardner Gang said...

Jill, you know me too well. Yes, I took the self portrait after folding was done. The bandage is from a previous injury. Remember all the furniture I moved by myself (a few posts back)? Well, the day AFTER that amazing feat, I was simply pushing a couch back into place and jammed my little pinky to the point of...."I think it might be broken but there's nothing I can do about it!! OUCH!"

Rob said...

We once folded laundry in 4 days. It was a record.

Shirl and Bill said...