Thursday, August 12, 2010


Holy cow! It has been WAY too long since I updated. And it's not because I thought the last post/picture of me was too good to be passed up with a new post. Actually, I apologize for leaving that at the forefront for so long. And since it's been forever, I thought I'd re-introduce myself.
This is me:
(I'm the one on the left)

My name is Carolyn, I'm a Cancer and a carbetarian (yes that's a real thing -- to me, anyway), I've been married to Jeff for almost 9 years, we have three boys: Griffin, Kai, and Treyson.

We had closed on our house back in February and were finally able to move in mid-June. It's been so nice for us to have our own space, our own beds, a toy room - YAY!, and now that Griffin has started school it's nice to be only 100 yards away from the campus. Jill, my sister, wants me to post pictures of the house, but it's not quite ready for a close-up. Sorry Jill. I will tell you this though.... yesterday I moved a computer desk, two bookshelves, and two couches all by myself. When needed and when possible, the assistance of a trusty old rolling office chair was used as my dolly. I was quite proud of myself.

Soon after we moved in (like less than a week), Jeff and I left for our trip to Hawaii. We were gone a week: Wednesday to Wednesday. The Friday after we got back (home for a day and a half) we left for Prescott for the 4th of July weekend with Jeff's family. THEN on the 24th of July, we checked into Aspen Grove Family Camp in Utah. The camp lasted one week but I stayed an extra week with the kids because Jeff's little brother, Todd, got married the following weekend. So now that we're home from all that traveling, I'm just barely getting back into the groove of organizing....... and blogging. Sorry. Organizational apology to Jeff, blogging apology to any readers I still have.


Shirl and Bill said...


Danielle said...

Glad you're back. :) When are you inviting us all over? jk.

Jillian Crockett said...

Thank you and it is nice to meet you.

Jasmyn said...

How dare you have a fantastic summer and leave all your followers by the wayside! It really is all about us, you know!
Glad your back...get your house ready, I want to see it!

becky d said...

Oh, I'll miss the cute little argument page first.