Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dollar Store Fun

My kids would say we don't go enough, but we make trips to the dollar stores quite a bit!

Griffin had a buck to spend that he earned at the DeWitt White Elephant party. No, it wasn't a gift he opened but we can't remember exactly how he got the dollar. Something about Uncle Alan (my dad's brother), offering a reward to whoever could withstand a tickle session without talking or moving or something. ..... Any family out there remember what it was?


It always takes Griffin F-O-R-E-V-E-R to choose his toy. At this particular dollar store, we saw something there we hadn't seen at others.

A fossil egg.

The egg was made of sand and came with tools to dig out the dino bones burried inside.

He discovered 7 bones:
(Don't you love how our kitchen counter looks like crackling ground?...Gives it the "Wait a minute! Are those REAL fossils?" look.)

Here it is all put together:

Thanks dollar store!


Jen said...

we love the dollar store too! and that is a mighty nice find!!

The Gardners said...

That's Awesome! Chase would LOVE that!

Shirl and Bill said...

I think you have a blooming artist there......