Monday, January 17, 2011

I should be laughing at myself.... but I'm not.

Sunday night, December 19th, was the day before Griffin's winter break started. That night I had a great idea!

I was going to drive around the corner to the school and park where it would be possible to see the faces of all the parents, who forgot the break had started, and were dropping their kids off.

Wouldn't that be hilarious?! Picture it...

The businessman dad who usually goes to work right after taking his kids to school now has to drive them all the way back home before his commute.

Moms, still tired and in their jammies, pull up to the school. They realize their mistake, slump their shoulders and shake their head. The look of annoyance and defeat on their un-makeup-ed faces.

Well.... I wish I could end this post with some classic pictures of those parents I just described, but my plan was scrambled by Jeff working that morning and my own laziness. It didn't seem worth it... waking my boys up early to sit in our van and freeze..... just for a few laughs.

Today, Civil Rights Day, almost made me one of those parents. And while I didn't even get as far as to dress Griffin in his school clothes.... I DID wake him up earlier than necessary (which woke Kai up) and rushed him through breakfast.

I've been had.
Anyone else?


Jen said...

Love it!! Lydia goes to preschool at the school for speech. Last year it was mon-fri. With budget cuts they changed it to mon-thurs. Well first week of school I got her ready to go and everything and we were waiting outside for her bus. It was late by about 15 minutes so I decided to call to see when it would make it. It's okay that it was late cuz it hadn't figured out the routine yet after all. The phone was ringing when I realized she doesn't have school on fridays anymore. Yep felt kinda dumb! I had some good laughs about it though!

Shirl and Bill said...

I didn't even know it was a special day till I turned on the TV and it was blaring in my face.
No mail! drat....Highlight of my boring days....