Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Messy Ending to a LOVE-ly Day

For their Valentine's parties at school this year, Griffin and Kai each picked out which cards they wanted to hand out.

Griffin's was fairly predictable...... TRANSFORMERS.
(Didn't you know? Battlebots are the new Cupids! They're so romantic.)

Kai went the route I was hoping he would....choosing anything BUT Transformers.
There were quite a few new boxed Valentines that I'd never seen before.
Ones that came with silly bands, 3-D pictures, 'I Spy' types, tatoos, etc.
But Kai picked out these 5x7 sized Valentines that were printed with a design on front and then instructions on the back for how to fold this paper into an airplane.

Pretty cool, right?

The paper was a little too stiff for that many folds and ended up ripping in some parts but I thought it was a super cute idea.

Valentine's morning, was donuts for breakfast and treat buckets.
Each of the boys received a new shirt featuring their all-time-favorite-Autobot: Bumblebee
(My boys are so good at the fake, painful-looking smiles. Makes a mom proud!)

Both Griffin and Kai were excited to get to school.
Griffin even gave a Valentine to the crosswalk guard that helps him each day.
She loved it.

Fast forward to after school.
That's when it happened.
A bomb.
A bomb exploded.

There were Valentine's guts EVERYWHERE!

Poor Peter Parker..... I mean, Spiderman.... barely made it out alive!

I'm handing out my "Most Clever" award to this cute soccer field card.

It was a great day, guts and all, with lots of smiles and additional gifts and treats from both sets of grandparents.

I want to give another big THANK YOU to my grandma for her delicious Valentine's sugar cookies that brought back so many memories.

For most of my childhood, my mom's mom lived in Utah and would send us cookies in the mail (IN THE MAIL!!) for Christmas, Valentines, and a few other holidays too.
Those delivery days were always so exciting.


Lckevan said...

I remember those sugar cookies! I seriously still dream about them. I told her I still think about them last time we were down there. Sigh...maybe next time I come down, I will ask her to show me the secret to her awesome sugar cookies!

Brittanny said...

wow...that is a really clever valentine. And that is so fun that you got cookies in the mail! I loved the "shape" story and Kai's song...does he really sing that? Your boys are so funny! And ps...I had no idea roadshows still go on! Wow...amazing. And congrats on runnning your half...injured no less. I don't totally understand why there was scary reptiles at it though? haha You guys are certainly staying busy!

Shirl and Bill said...

Isn't it interesting, the things we remember? Sounds like the Gardner boys had alot of fun and alot of SWEETS!

becky d said...

I'm so happy to hear Spiderman got out without injury because that looked like an awful explosion. Cute blog!