Tuesday, March 29, 2011

High 5 Kai!!

March 19th was Kai's 5th birthday. The morning started out with breakfast, of course. Now usually I would add "in bed" after "breakfast". But Kai is our earliest riser. 'Nuf said.
A birthday drawing from Griffin and a few gifts to open:

We had his party a few days later with family. I love making the cake when I get the chance.

This one was pretty fun. I got to use fondant but opted out of covering the whole cake in it.
My brother-in-law, Rob, was more than happy to destroy my work of art.
(Evil Decepticon!)

Kai loved ALL his gifts and thanked everyone.
I always love the overly sugared, all my friends are here, I'm getting all the attention, excited expressions:

Now, I'm pretty sure the present count was 10 at the most, but, for my dad (who gets up at 5:30am to play raquetball, works hard all day long, and has bishopric responsibilities).....that was 9 gifts too many!
(Not a posed shot. He's totally sleeping!)

This "Toothless" dragon was Kai's last minute request and ended up in one of my favorite shots.

The very next day at school, Kai was able to bring in life pictures and one show and tell for his birthday celebration.
Griffin's classroom is right next door so we were able to pull him over for a few hugs (Mrs. Axtell was Griffin's Pre-K teacher as well) and a picture:

And since this is all about Kai, I wanted to throw in this last shot of him.
It makes me laugh every time!
Kai was informing some new friends at the park of the rules for their game.


becky d said...

Oh, the last picture is too cute. I believe he does know the rules to the game. It might be a game he is making up right there on the spot - but be sure to turn to him for questions about the rules guys. He look is like.... really, do I have to go over this again? If you don't get it, just sit this game out would ya? Thanks.

Jillian Crockett said...

First of all I love you new blog layout very cute. Second I can tell by the pictures taken in the morning that Griffin is obviously not the early riser. Lastly I think Kai wins the prize for the best facial expressions between your boys! That last one is classic and definitely made me laugh out loud.

The Gardner Gang said...
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Shirl and Bill said...

/What a day to remember Kai. I'll ask you next month if you CAN remember this special day.....