Friday, April 1, 2011


"I don't want to do Family Hour! It's not going to be fun."
--said by a grumpy Griffin

We had planned a trip to a local craft store in hopes of finding an activity for Family Home Evening.

You place these little beads on forms from the kit and iron them slightly to fuse the plastic together.
(And, yes... my hands always photograph whiter than the rest of my arm. Weird, right?)

Jeff finished Trey's airplane first:

First creations:
Kai - lizard, Carolyn - Bumblebee car, Jeff - plane, Griffin - turtle

Over the next few days, more Bumblebee cars were needed to stop the fights (Griffin made his own). A Ratchet Transformer plus a few more turtles and planes.
So easy and so fun!
Don't you love Griffin's rainbow plane?
I took enough pictures of that for it's own post.
Coming soon.


becky d said...

I love the activity. I think the kids left here at home would laugh if I bought that to do but it always looked fun. Um..what's up with Griffins face? Was he scared to hold the turle? Was it still warm and just how the heck is it standing up? I love the rainbow turtle too.

The Gardner Gang said...

Well, first of all... I think your kids still at home would LOVE this activity. Katie and Brandon came over to babysit and had "fun" with "fusion" for like an hour!! Second of know Griff's mom, the one who is always posing or making faces for the camera? Like mother, like son. And I guess Griffin not only has ARTISTIC skills but also untapped ARCHITECTURAL talents as well. :)

Shirl and Bill said...

I want some of those beadie things. That looks fun!!!