Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sunrise and Songs

Remember when I planned to post one random picture a week?...
Yeah -- I think that happened once.

Anyways, my new plan is to add a song or two along with the picture!
I am a major music lover. There can never be enough singing and dancing in one day as far as I'm concerned. So I hoping this might motivate me to post more.

This picture is of the sunrise one morning a week ago maybe. I was walking home from boot camp and couldn't stop looking at the clouds. The colors were even better than what the picture shows but by the time I got my camera, the purples and pinks were gone.

Now for the songs.
There are so many.
I write new ones down almost every day.
I love hearing new songs but I also love hearing tunes from years ago that I had forgotten about.
So I may share a mix of both at times.

Angels and Airwaves -- "The Adventure"
The Temper Trap -- "Sweet Disposition"
Blind Pilot -- "We Are The Tide"



Shirl and Bill said...

Ah, yes. mornings can be just beautiful....