Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Wizard's Undergarments

The boys have been into Harry Potter lately.
Griffin was given a "real" Harry Potter wand for his birthday and the other boys always want turns with it.
So I found a tutorial online showing how to make your "very own wizard wand at home!"
I still haven't completely finished Kai and Trey's wands (otherwise I would have pictures) but they are impatient and took what I had completed so far. A half finished Harry wand for Kai and a Dumbledore fashioned one for Trey.

On Veteran's Day, school was out, and the boys had their jammies on for most of the day.
Trey even had his pull-up on still at 10am.
I heard the boys playing around.... casting and blocking spells.
Calling out "Expeliarmus!" "Redunto!", as well as "Avada Kadavra!", even though I've told them MANY times that the killing curse is not allowed in the house. ;)

So all of a sudden, Trey stops mid-play, with his "wand at the ready" and says, "Oops....sorry. (big grin) Dumbledore doesn't wear diapers!"

He then ran off as quick as he could to change into underwear.

So cute.

I love my wizard boys!!