Saturday, February 11, 2012

Defending My Title

The office I work at has been a sponsor of London's Run for the past couple years.
This year they were given a few complimentary entries and were kind enough to get me registered for the half marathon.
This is Dr. Garn:
He had told me that I could have one of the free entries "On one condition.... you let me beat you."
We stuck together for the first half of the race, but as soon as I saw a girl come up on our tail, I had to go faster.
I was first female at that point and wanted to keep that spot if at all possible.
Dr. Garn had said, "If she gets any closer, I'll fall and trip her." 
I took that as permission to let me beat him.

I put some good distance between this miss and myself.
It was only a few miles later that the course took us on a u-turn where I noticed a different girl I hadn't seen before.  I picked up my speed again.

After crossing the finish line in FIRST PLACE FOR THE WOMEN(!), I said "Hi" to my boys who had come to support me....

...then quickly found the girl I had seen at the u-turn.  She had finished a hundred yards behind me but both our watches said the exact. same. time.
We had to wait for the chip timing results to know for sure.
I barely beat her.
By 4 seconds.

 My official time was:


Kristin said...

Holy cow Carolyn! You're M-A-zing!!

Rob said...

The plaque for 128th place is a lot smaller. In fact, it looks kinda like a cheap green ribbon.

Congrats, you're speedy!

Jasmyn said...

so proud of you!

Stacey said...

You are a rock star!

The Gardner Gang said...

Ha ha!! Hilarious Rob! At first I thought you were just throwing out a number but then I saw you really were 128th place. Which is still really good out of 400 people! Nice job to you to.

Shirl and Bill said...

You just keep going !! Congrats. It looks like you down in the cotton fields......??