Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Bubble's Life

Few people realize that a bubble's life is not so different from ours.
It just doesn't last as long...... 20 seconds at the MOST!

First, the bubble is born:

 They develop their colors and find their ground:

Meet friends, go to school, learn how to survive:

Go on missions:

 Struggle through the college and career jungle of this world:

Finally find "the one" and get married:

And have lots and lots of bubble babies:

Then they die just like the rest of us:

--- What?  Did you think I was going to post a picture of a bubble DYING!?!? ---  

That would be weird, gross, and disrespectful.
Shame on you.


Shirl and Bill said...

WOW! Who would have thought a bubble had a life. tee hee

becky d said...

Love it.....but I am tired. It is 12:28 am.......