Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1...2...3...Strikes! You're... NOT Out.

This year we were able to get Griffin and Kai on the same coach pitch team.
Other members of the team:  Sadie, Jimmy, Gracie, Danica.  All cousins.
 Coached by Greg, Jeff, Shaun, Rob (in-law).  All brothers.
The league is really low key.
Everyone bats, every inning.
No scoring.

In what other league would you be able to have a cowboy-hatted-Grandpa-base-coach:

And little lady players, like Miss Sadie Sue, are welcomed and encouraged to accessorize their uniforms:
(yep... a cheetah print sash)

The best part is the batting.
The coach pitches at least 4-5 balls but if the player still can't get a hit, the tee is brought out anyways.
Coach Pitch - T-ball.  
I was cracking up at all the faces made while the kids were swinging away.
Grace and Kai's were the best:

This is the first team we've signed the boys up for and they seem to like it.
Poor Treyson (probably better than half the team) wasn't old enough and has to sit on the sidelines the whole time.  Next year Trey.  Next year.


Todd Gardner said...

it is times like these that makes me miss being home so bad.

The Gardner Gang said...

Then come home dang it!