Friday, October 18, 2013

Jessa Lynn Gardner

Remember when I had a baby three days after my last post and then didn't blog about it for 4 months?
Yeah, that was lame.

Well...I finally got my girl.
Jessa Lynn Gardner
June 6th, 2013
7lbs 9oz

Now, my excuse for the delay is that there were lots and lots of photos I wanted to post but they each took SO LONG to upload and I would get pulled away from the computer waiting for them all to finish and...yeah.  Not the best excuse, but it's all I've got.
So you've been warned -- there are many.

These first few were taken by my friend Jasmyn Anderson.
 Don't you just love her lips?!

Now for the story, which usually isn't very long because my labors are so fast. :)
My doctor had stripped my membranes earlier in the day (11am) and sent me home, fingers crossed.
I was hopeful but doubtful anything would happen.
So Jeff went back to work and I went to wash and vacuum the car, you know, because it needed to be done.
By 3pm, I started keeping track of the contractions and they were never longer than 7 min. apart.
We arrived at the hospital a little before 4pm, still not in too much pain.
The nurses in admitting confirmed I was in active labor.  In the midst of their questions, they discovered I'd never had an epidural before.  While nervous about getting one, a little extra prompting from Jeff was all it took.  "This might be your only chance to get one."
Decision made.
The nurses, knowing my labors are fast, made sure the anesthesiologist would be in my room shortly after arriving there myself.  So, so helpful.
And while I could still feel pain from the contractions on the top of my belly, I was able to do this:
During the other labors, I'm pretty sure my eyes were shut tight the majority of the time because of the pain.
Good memories. Good times.

I was at at 10 by 5:30 pm but they made me wait for my Dr. to get there.
Jeff, my mom and my sister Jill kept me company in the meantime and I loved having them all there.
My doctor came at 6 pm and Jessa came at 6:13 pm.
We were both ready to meet each other apparently.
I cried of course, not believing 100% that she was a girl until I saw her.
I think I heard a few sniffles from Jeff as well.

Jill manned the camera and was able to capture some great shots.  Thanks Jill!

The boys were so cautious at first but have loved her from the very first moment.
Griff especially.

They have become very very good helpers and know the tricks and helps to quiet her down when Jessa gets fussy.

One of my very favorite photos:
Daddy's little girl

We found out early that she's got the cutest little dimple on her right cheek.

Her blessing day was August 4th, 2013.
We were happy to have so much family there to support us.  Unfortunately, busy Sunday schedules prevented everyone from staying until the end so we didn't get a big family shot.

We set up the camera at home and captured the day before the boys took off their church clothes.
--I swear, if I could only figure out how to make them change INTO their jammies as fast as they change OUT of their church clothes, I would be so much nicer, come bedtimes.--

One of my favorite family photos of all time.

It's been a blast for me to dress Jessa and put bows and flowers on any chance I get.

I always get comments about how expressive her eyes are.
For a better part of each day you will find her eyes wide and eyebrows raised.
I love it.


My sweet sweet baby girl is here at last.


Shirl and Bill said...

yes it is about time we see all these darling photos. What a cutie pie!!

azHarline said...

I love all these beautiful pictures! She is a doll!

Adventure(man vs wild) said...

Ohh,,, just awesome!!! I love all in this family.Thanks for sharing,,,

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