Monday, June 3, 2013

Pregnancy #4 !!!

My brother in law, Todd, who is one of only 5 people who check my blog anymore said that I really need to update because no one knows I'm pregnant.

So here's my announcement, officially. I'm pregnant!!!!!

This time I will be having a girl although I don't know if I will fully believe it until I see her.

I am due in 16 days, on June 19th. But I would be surprised if I make it that long because I usually go early. We shall see.

I have been steadily growing a belly of course and I have loved being pregnant again.

I wasn't into running as much with my other pregnancies so it was really really hard to give it up at about this stage:

Besides that everything has gone fabulously and I can't wait to meet this new addition!!!

It's time. Lets do this!!


Danielle said...

Love all the new posts. You look great pregnant! (I only ever look like a beached whale) And congrats on a new baby! Hopefully you'll go early again this time!

azHarline said...

Look at the cute belly! Can't wait to meet to your little girl and I hope your birth goes great!

Shirl and Bill said...

Yea!!!Finally another blog.
NOw it's over you can blog some MORE

Matt said...

Hey, I happen to come across your blog today. I rarely check my own wife's blog and forgot the URL so I did a Google search, which pulled up your blog.

It looks like this post is old, so I am guessing that you already had your baby. I hope everything went well!