Sunday, September 30, 2007

King Kai

So, I went to pick my boys up from nursery today and wished I had my camera on me. Kai was just sitting at the table, playing with his cars, wearing a paper crown they had made in their lesson. A few of the other children had theirs on too, but I (of course) thought Kai looked the cutest. I thought he would take it off as soon as he remembered something was on his head, but he wore it all the way home. It came off only when Griffin saw me taking pictures of Kai and didn't want to be left out. Unfortunately, Griffin's head is bigger than Kai's and it kind of ripped when being put on. How adorable is he, come on.His crown says, "I can be a good example." Why a crown? ---- I have no idea.


Caleb&Danielle said...

Oh so adorable. And he's in nursery already? What is like not to have a baby with you all during church?

Only one more year till Charlotte can go... only one more year....