Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Little Artist

I would like to share some of Griffin's drawings with the world. He has amazing talent I think for a 3 yr. old. Here he is sitting with one of his creations and inspirations. He's holding the "big Spiderman" mentioned in my first blog which was the inspiration for the drawing he is sitting next to.

Please take notice of the identifying object on the chest of drawing..... the spider. As brilliant as I think he is, there is one question/concern that continues to fester. Why does he draw everything sideways? Although this picture is vertical now, he drew it with the board horizontal. He has always drawn his figures like this. Does anyone think I should be worried? Here are some more of his creations:

I'm not completely sure the first one is a horse and he might not have even been trying to draw that, but it's good anyways. The second one is, for sure, a spider -- and an amazing one at that.


Caleb&Danielle said...

Very impressive! Things like this get me excited for all the fun things my kids will do as they get bigger. And I have no clue why he would draw things sideways. Any weird things my kids do I generally blame on Caleb's DNA. Couldn't be mine. :)