Friday, October 26, 2007

Travel Agent Needed

I'm sending this question out to all my 15 readers...... if I even have that many.

Does anyone know a website or agent or secret way to get crazy good deals on airfare and cruises?

We are thinking about trying to go with some friends. We've already been on one with Jeff's family down the West Coast of Mexico, so we'd like something different if possible. Although, that's probably our best bet at the cheapest trip. Anyway -- thanks!


Caleb&Danielle said...

Loyal reader here, thankyouverymuch. :)

But sadly I am no help when it comes to crazy good deals on any type of vacation. For me, vacation is the 2 hours of church that Justin goes to nursery.

Jen said...

shoot, there's another one but I can't remember it.

The Willis Family said...

You know, anytime you want to take a cruise out of Florida, or just go camping on the Keys, you can come to our house! You can get some pretty good deals with Southwest's DING. And you can camp on the Keys. we have some friends that have and I REALLY want to go check out all the white sand beaches! I hear it's awsome! Ok, I'm a little desparate for visitors since I know we are so far away that no one(except Jerry,she has no excuse) will ever spend the $$$$ to come see us! This is a very long comment, anyway you are hilarious and I love reading your blog.