Friday, October 19, 2007

Rocky Point

My trip south of the border was more fun than expected. The place we stayed was amazing and had swimming pools where we spent most of the time. The ocean water wasn't too cold, but because of my kids, our water time ended up in the baby pool or the lazy river. Here is Griffin dancing in the baby pool and my sisters with they boys in the lazy river.

Griffin had fallen and scratched his knee the first day we were there, so we only went down to the ocean happily once. Every time after that, the salt water was too unbearable for his "owie". So I turned my hopes to Kai. Thinking he would like the beach more than the pools. But my other crazy kid can't stand the feeling of the sand beneath his feet. He did okay on the wet, packed sand close to the water, but if we ever put him down to walk on the dry sand....... he'd just stand there, freaking out:
It was a good trip. One that got me interested in the "Twilight" books that my sister was reading there. I'm sure most of you have heard of them. I read the first one fairly quickly and now I'm debating whether or not I can wait until my sister is done with the second one and have her send it to me, or just go out and buy it. I'm pretty hooked, so I'll probably end up at Barns & Noble later today. Oh, brother.


Caleb&Danielle said...

Looks like you guys had fun! And that's too funny about Kai and the sand. Justin reacted the same way the first time we set him down in snow. (Yes, he had shoes on.) He flipped on and insisted on being held.

The Willis Family said...

Oh Carolyn. What can I say? Sounds like you liked the first one, and you will LOVE the next two! I am so excited to read them all again next year when the 4th one comes out. Your trip looks like it was so much fun!